Ashley and Robert

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How We Met

Bobby and I met about a year and a half ago. He sent me a message through Instagram telling me how pretty I was and we immediately started talking from then on. He and I both were very nervous to finally meet but as soon as we did, there was an instant, undeniable connection. Bobby took me to Pacifica, CA for our first road trip date. There he gave me a promise ring telling me how much I mean to him and how much faith he had in our relationship to grow together and continue to turn into something beautiful.

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how they asked

Exactly one year later, he took me to Pacifica again for our anniversary. Unsuspectingly, I just thought it was because it was our anniversary. Well after a day of romantic events, he asked me to get ready a little earlier before dinner. We walked out of our hotel room not exchanging many words (the nerves I presume) and found our way to an extravagant, romantic beach set up. There was an aisle of rose petals and candle filled lanterns, all leading up to a sequin covered table with champagne, a framed photo of us and a present.

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He grabbed the present and brought me to the center of the beach-drawn heart and asked me to open it. Inside was a “love book”, page by page explaining why he was so in love with me. Then, the very last page had the most butterfly inducing, heart fluttering question “will you marry me”?

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He then got down on one knee and described to me why his life would not be same without me and why I am the one he wants to grow old with. I threw the book down (I was just a tad excited) and said yes about a million times. I most certainly could not have been more thrilled and blessed with the way this man asked me and who this man is.

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