Ashley and Robert

How We Met

Rob and I met on New Year’s Eve in 2013 at a local bar in our hometown. I was out with my best friend. He was at that same bar, and I caught his eye. It took him a while to come up to me but finally, he did. We chatted and laughed and then our relationship continued. Come to find out a year later when Rob and I were reminiscing on the first time we met he told me the story on how he ended up at that bar. He said “ Well I was home not planning to go out. My friend called me and said there’s this girl here at the bar and she’s the prettiest girl I ever seen you need to come out to see her, so I did”. So it’s all because of his friend that Rob and I met and became one.

How They Asked

We were supposed to fly out with Rob’s family to Florida for a week’s family vacation with them. Our flights got canceled the day before we were supposed to leave because of a snow storm. Luckily Rob’s dad got us onto a flight in New York City to fly to Florida and Rob and I felt at ease. When we arrived at Disney we walked around Epcot went on a ride then we crossed the bridge that leads you to the Paris, France pavilion. There was a beautiful view of the water and the Eiffel Tower was there in the background. Rob’s parents said let’s take a few pictures of you guys. Now, by the way, I had a horrible morning because I was up really early and I had a terrible migraine, so I wasn’t feeling too hot, but once I looked up to smile for the picture, I literally spotted my parents in a large crowd of people on the bridge.

Ashley's Proposal in Epcot Walt Disney World

When I saw their faces I automatically started bursting into tears and asked them “what the hell are you guys doing here?” then when I looked next to me at the love of my life, he was getting on his knee with a big smile and tears in his eyes asking me to marry him. I covered my face and started hyperventilating because literally the fact that Rob planned this to where my family and his family were all there to see it and in such a romantic spot was the most special and magical thing he could do.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Epcot Walt Disney World

That was one thing I asked of him years ago when we talked about marriage to make sure my family and his were there to see. Rob said he had this all planned out for a while. He included his family and mine to join him at the jeweler to watch how my ring will be made to be the one I’ve always wanted. He planned this whole trip with my family and his family purposely on my weekends when I had to work at the hospital, just so he could make it the dream proposal. I never thought this trip was all planned out to be a special moment.