Ashley and Rob

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How We Met

Rob and I met the old-fashioned way: through a friend of a friend. We first briefly met at a mutual friend’s party in December 2014. We only talked for a few minutes. The next day, I remember telling my mom how I met this really cute cop (Rob is a police officer in Arlington, VA) and that I hoped I would see him again. A few months later, that same friend threw another party. I immediately saw Rob when I walked in and shouted, “you’re the cop!” He responded saying, “you work at Fox News!” (I’m the booker for Special Report w/ Bret Baier at Fox News Channel).

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Our conversation continued throughout the night, then “Take Your Time” by Sam Hunt started playing in the background. Rob immediately took my hand and we awkwardly slow-danced in the middle of the party. At the end of the night, he finally asked for my number. A few weeks later, we went on our first date. The Washington Nationals were playing the Miami Marlins at home and we’re both big baseball fans. Since it was such a gorgeous evening, we decided to walk back instead of Uber. Directly in our path was the U.S. Capitol. That’s where we had our first kiss. We have been together ever since.

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how they asked

About a week before the proposal, Rob told me we were going to dinner on Saturday night. But he wouldn’t tell me where we were going. It was an unseasonably warm day, so I was struggling with what to wear. I finally settled on a navy blue dress with long sleeves and nude pumps. Little did I know how important that outfit would end up being… As we were driving down Constitution Avenue, our Uber driver stopped on the side of the Capitol. Rob said to me, “it’s such a nice night, let’s walk to dinner from here.” That’s when I got the feeling that something was going on. With the Capitol Dome lights beaming down on us, I looked over at Rob and he had tears in his eyes.

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He took my hands, told me how much he can’t wait grow old together, have a couple of kids and “maybe 10 or 12 puppies.” Then right there, in the same spot where we had our first kiss, he dropped down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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Somehow through my sobs, I was able to scream “Yes!” Once he slipped the ring on my finger, he pointed to a woman standing with a camera just a few feet away. She is a professional photographer that Rob hired to capture photos of the proposal.

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After taking a few more staged photos, I asked Rob if we were still going to dinner. He said, “let’s just keep walking.” We walked by a few restaurants, then stopped at an iconic DC bar called Capitol Lounge. Rob said, “let’s go in here for a drink.” As we rounded the corner, I got my second surprise of the night. Rob had both of our families and our closest friends waiting to celebrate with us.

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Needless to say, it was the most magical evening of my life.

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Special Thanks

Sophia Bednarik
 | Photographed the proposal
Capitol Lounge
 | Hosted the surprise party
Jeanne Koerber
 | Being the greatest mom ever