Ashley and Rob

How We Met

Rob and I worked together aboard the Moshulu, we ended up falling head overboard in love.

How They Asked

We did end up moving on eventually to other jobs, but Rob convinced me that he picked up a shift at the Moshulu, our old stomping grounds! Which completely made sense to me, people were always asking him to come back and cover parties and social events.

Ashley's Proposal in The Moshulu, Philadelphia PA

I feel so crazy now thinking it was all my idea to go visit him, to just grab a drink and dinner with my grandma (Who LOVES it there). I walked up to the top deck of the ship, where he said he was going to be working, only to find all of my closest friends and family waiting for me.

As I started towards all my loved ones, they all started to part ways until I saw the love of my life on one knee with a smile and a tiny black box. I didn’t actually get out the word “yes”, but he took my muffled happy cries and head nodding as a yes! Afterward, he arranged for us all to go to the place where we had our very first date ♥️