Ashley and Reid

how we met

Ashley and Reid met on Bumble in 2018. Ashley, who had never used the app before, downloaded it and spent just a little time swiping through potential matches until she came across a man with a funny mustache and intriguing bio that included his love for pop punk music. As a lover of many things, including pop punk and excellent facial hair, Ashley felt drawn to Reid and they soon matched and began chatting. A few weeks passed by and with their busy schedules and lives, it felt like an eternity before the universe made a way for them to meet. Ashley works as a child advocate in Tippecanoe County and it’s through this position that I first had the pleasure of meeting her.Her heart and love for fashion and kindness make her an excellent choice for conversation, jokes, and good times. Ashley also spends much of her time in vintage fashion. She promotes body positivity for all body types and empowers women who may struggle with self-confidence and negative body images. This pin-up fashion that she so perfectly wears was just another attraction for both of them and after a missed Fleet Foxes concert, and an early dismissal from work for Reid, these two were finally able to spend some time with one another. The next day, Reid asked Ashley again but she said that she was going to take a nap. So he asked if he could join her and the rest is history.

how they asked

By the winter of 2018, Reid shared that he knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Ashley. So, they began talking about what type of ring she would like to wear for the rest of her life. Since fashion is so important to both of them, especially Ashley, Reid reached out to a vendor on Etsy to have her ring custom made just for her. The summer of 2019 was going strong and the couple had planned a trip to the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia! He knew that this would be the perfect place to propose but after two months, was still waiting for the ring to arrive. About a week before they took off, Reid ordered a temporary engagement ring to hold its place until it arrived.

Their trip to Philly was spectacular and filled with all of their favorite things including trips to Mutter Museum, a historical medical museum filled with medical antiquities and other fun artifacts. Reid had shared that even though both of them loved this museum, it just didn’t feel quite right to propose there with the heavy crowds around. Later, they took a trip to Eastern State Penitentiary, a supposedly haunted historical prison that was open for just under 150 years. Becoming a ball and chain wasn’t quite what the spirits were leading him to in his space either, so he kept the ring deep in his pocket and after dinner, some beverages, and board games, they ended their evening at Love Park. It was finally the perfect place and so Reid proposed there to Ashley, who of course said yes! He gave her the ring and promised that her official one he had designed was coming but just had yet to arrive. They hugged and kissed and walked back to their AirBnB, happy and joyfully in love. Reid shared with me that a week after they returned from Philadelphia, the ring arrived in the mail and he was able to replace Ashley with her “official” one.

Reid and Ashley are spectacular with one another. Their unique perspectives and approaches to life made for a fun filled engagement in which we realized too late that our original place to photograph them, at a local corn maze, wouldn’t be open until an hour after arrived. So instead, we decided to adventure in the country! We found the most perfect road side stops that, in my opinion, far exceeded the corn maze and beautifully showcased the fall foliage of late October. Their wedding will take place on Halloween of 2020 and while it won’t be a traditional approach to the spooky holiday, it will include some fun vintage touches that Ashley plans on incorporating throughout the space and her day.

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