Ashley and Radley

Ashley's Proposal in Luray Caverns

How We Met

I met Radley through my part time job and it wasn’t until I was in a horrible accident that he became more than just a coworker or friend. We started spending everyday together. He totally changed his whole lifestyle to be with me. I had two boys from a previous marriage, a single Mom, fitness freak. Radley became a Dad figure, homework teacher, gym partner and boyfriend all in one.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Luray Caverns

How They Asked

We had talked about getting married and spending the rest of our lives together. I was totally surprised when Radley had planned this trip to Luray Caverns for our one year anniversary together. I had no idea he was gonna pop the question. The Cavern was so breathtaking and I was so excited to be there that I couldn’t imagine anything else happening. Then he pulls me in close and before I know it he’s on one knee. Radley is the sweetest guy ever! He always puts me first. I couldn’t ask for a better person to spend forever with.


Special Thanks

Hannah Anderson
 | Planning
Lucas Jones
 | Photographer