Ashley and Quincy

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How We Met

Quincy and I first met in August of 2005. Just two little 7th grade kids with major crushes on each other. He had just moved to California from Chicago and I (a typical 7th grade girl) made fun of him for wearing his puka shell necklace with his Hollister polo. We instantly became best friends! Little did I know then, but we would both come home from school and tell our parents how much we liked each other. He would make me cute art projects and ride his bike over after school just to say hi. I would force him to go to dances with me and he we would run away from me the entire time. After years of growing up together we officially started dating our senior year of high school. We had both already committed to going out of state for college with me being in Boise, ID and him in Chicago, IL. Despite the odds and with many Skype dates and flights we made it through 4 years of a long distance relationship and we finally were back in the same state for good. He is my best friend and finally after 6 ½ years of dating he popped the question!

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how they asked

Quincy knows that keeping a secret from me is nearly impossible! But he really did surprise me with our proposal! We have an annual 4th of July tradition of a huge party at his parents lake house. I was under the impression that I would be going over early before the party to help his mom and sister cook. As I showed up (with Starbucks in hand of course) I instantly knew something was off. The house was way too quiet! One of the family sayings is “we do loud”, so when I got there I knew something was a little different.

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I walked through the door and instantly knew that this was the moment I had been waiting for. A white rose petal trail lined with candles was leading me down to the dock where I knew my best friend would be waiting. I seriously don’t think I could have walked any faster than I did. The second I saw him I just burst into tears.

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The dock was covered in rose petals and hydrangea lined arbor he had made. He had taken vintage windows from his very first apartment and written “will you marry me?” I just kept thinking to myself “I cannot believe this is happening, this is so beautiful”.

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And then I looked down to see our dog with her flower collar on and my heart just melted. He took me by the hands and lead me to the harbor.

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At first we just stood there and cried because we couldn’t believe that after everything and all of the years that we have shared together that this moment was finally here. He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

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I said yes of course! Just as I thought it couldn’t get any better our families started screaming from the upstairs balcony.

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They had been there to witness the whole thing! More tears of joy came of course and we celebrated with champagne and brunch. By far the best day of my life! I cannot wait for forever with him.

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