Ashley and Philip

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How We Met

Though we both went to the same small college, our paths never crossed during our undergraduate years. Luckily, both of our best friends got engaged just before graduation. During their pre-wedding festivities, we ran into each other here and there but never really knew each other. On the day of their wedding, we were paired to walk down the aisle together (talk about foreshadowing!). The original awkwardness between the two of us turned into a night full of eating, drinking, laughing, and dancing the night away! We still to this day thank our besties for getting married!

how they asked

During the two years that we dated we were the couple that was always gone on the weekends. We LOVE to travel together! During our spring break trip in March we came up with a grand plan to travel out west. We dreamed up this amazing trip for months to visit multiple national parks in Utah. However, it wasn’t until Ashley’s birthday, just 3 weeks before our departure date, that we bought plane tickets to fly into Las Vegas where our trip would begin.

Our first stop: Vegas! The highlight of this stop was the cirque du soleil show, which was just mind blowing. The next day we packed up and hit the road for Zion National Park. We were not expecting to have a near death experience, but we did as we hiked to the peak of Angel’s Landing. The views were breathtaking! Next stop, Bryce National Park. Again, we hiked. Again, the views were gorgeous. The following 2 days we spent close to Salt Lake City exploring the area with our friend Isaac.

And.. The day of the proposal we drove from Draper to Moab to visit Arches National Park. As we pulled in to the Delicate Arch, Philip decided that it was too crowded and he was going to wait until the next morning to pop the big question. We bundled up for the 20 degree weather. We reminisced, took silly pictures, and laughed the whole hike. Typical. We finally reached the overlook at the top and sat on a large rock with the view of Delicate Arch in front of us. It was the most beautiful site we’d seen all trip. Simple. But beautiful. Majestic looking. At that moment Philip decided this was the perfect spot. We made our way down to the arch and a kind gentleman agreed to take our picture. Philip got down on one knee in front of the beautiful Delicate Arch! This moment as the sun was setting could not have been any more perfect. To top it off: the gentlemen switched the camera to video and recorded the whole proposal for us!

What a trip!

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