Ashley and Patrick

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How We Met

Patrick and I met on Spring Break 2010 in Panama City Beach. We were both Juniors in college at the time, but our Universities were in opposite parts of the country-his in New York and mine in Tennessee-so we had no plan of ever seeing each other after this one trip to the beach. Our groups of friends would hang out each day on the beach, and my group of girls was constantly entertained by his group of guys and their antics on the beach. In all honesty, I was a little skeptical of him at first. One of his first “moves” was to say that he was going to get the best looking girl on the beach and dance with her in a small square “dance floor” that he had drawn in the sand with his foot. I,of course, was thinking “Oh brother, this guy has to be kidding.”

To my surprise, he came back and danced with an approximately 70 year old woman on his little man-made sand dance floor. Needless to say it was super cute. He had won me over. I wish I could say that the rest is history from this point on, but we actually didn’t have any contact to speak of for about two years. We re-connected via social media, and planned to meet up for Spring Break 2012, but our Spring Break schedules were off by just one week! We sparked up a friendship via daily phone-calls and constant texts. This friendship turned into a long-distance relationship. After one-year of long-distance, Patrick moved to Memphis, Tennessee. That move was the beginning of the best adventure of our lives.

how they asked

My best friend owns an event planning business (@betts_made) so when she asked me a few weeks in advance to help her set-up for an “event” that she was planning at her parents home (Greystone Stables), I of course agreed and didn’t think much of it at the time. Later that night as I was lying in bed, I began to think, “Could this be it?!” For a while I thought that the event she was planning might be a set-up for a proposal. Luckily, she eventually threw me completely off the trail by showering me with details about the “event” and who was hosting it. To tell the truth, it was hard to hide my disappointment because I wanted to marry Patrick more than anything! Little did I know, the ring was already hiding in a shoe box in the closet. All I had to do was look! I am so glad I didn’t though. After four years of dating, the surprise was well worth the wait!

As I pulled up to Greystone Stables on that Saturday, the front gate was locked so I called my friend and she opened the gate. True to form, I was running a few minutes late so I was hustling to get there (everyone who was watching said I was running-whoops!) As I walked/ran through the opening to the courtyard, I saw Patrick step out of the back door and walk towards me, eventually meeting me under a beautiful trellis that had been decorated with breathtaking florals.

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At that time, I realized that there was music playing. Specifically, Eric Baker’s “Unbroken Promise,” a song that Patrick and I always slow-dance to in our kitchen. We slow danced to the entire song, and he told me me all of the reasons that he knew I was the one who he wanted to spend his life with.

We also had some extra time for some small-talk which helped to ease the nerves a little. We were both shaking like crazy! This was the first time I have ever seen Patrick nervous in the entirety of our relationship, so it threw me a little, but it was so sweet. As the song ended with “Cause baby I’ve made plans to stay the rest of my life”, he got down on one knee and asked me the most important question of my life thus far.

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I of course said YES!!!

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He picked me up and spun me around and just when my feet landed back on the ground, I looked up to see our families rushing out of the house to greet us and celebrate with us. He had arranged for our families to be there.

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Most of whom had to fly in and keep their trip to Memphis a secret from me so the surprise wouldn’t be ruined! Patrick made sure that this day was one that we will never forget. It was absolutely perfect!

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For our wedding, we are taking it back to where it all began and where we first met. We will be getting married on the beach in Florida on May 13, 2017. The day can’t come soon enough! Can’t wait to marry this man!

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Special thanks to Bettsmade and Katie Norrid Photography for the help in making this the best day!

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These vendors will also be planning and photographing our wedding next year.

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Special Thanks

Katie Norrid
 | Photographer
 | Event Planner (florals and decor for proposal)