Ashley and Patrick

How We Met

Patrick and I met in Chicago at his championship hockey game in 2014. I originally went to cheer for one of his other teammates but with Patrick being the MVP of the game and winning the championship for them, I knew I had to give my attention this stud on skates. Here’s a photo of us on on the night that we met.

Ashley's Proposal in San Diego

How They Asked

What started out as our annual, romantic trip for two to San Diego ended up being the surprise vaykay of a lifetime accompanied by my dearest family and friends! Being residents of the Windy City, my fiancé Patrick and I always look forward to our annual trip to, shall I say, warmer more favorable weather. Every trip we’ve made to San Diego over the past 4 years, I always expressed my desire to visit the famous Carlsbad flower fields! You know, the field that we see all over Instagram that looks like a scene right out of the Wizard of Oz.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in San Diego

I always begged and begged to pay these fields a visit during our previous trips but with the fields only being open 6 weeks out of the year, we’ve always missed the opportunity. That was until this year! I have always left the San Diego itinerary to him for he used to live there and I just love the thrill of surprises so I rarely ask questions with the exception of “what do I wear?” I got the surprise of a lifetime on our first day in San Diego on May 11th when Patrick took me to the Flower Fields.

Ashley and Patrick's Engagement in San Diego

When we first got there, I wanted to explore every inch and see every flower in this ginormous, gorgeous garden. Patrick grabbed my hand and knew just where to take me… the pink flower section hello! Side note, I’m obsessed with pink (my ring is pink, my car is pink, you get the picture). As he is guiding me to the pink flower section, I was dumbfounded with the sight of my mom, sister, and best friends all waiting there! All of which had flown in from across the country to witness.

I went to grab them out of shock where they quickly turned me around to Patrick who was down on one knee who then asked me to be his wife. I have never been more surprised and felt more loved in my life! For this man to plan ahead and take me to this magical place, fly out all of my family and friends was literally the best day of my life.

Oh, and how could I forget the incredible party bus that he booked to drive us all back to our San Diego vacation rental large enough for everyone to stay in for the weekend. I am so grateful for this day and what is ahead of us.

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