Ashley and Patrick

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How We Met

The Lord has had his hand on this relationship from the start. Patrick and I both believe that He brought us together and wrote this love story long before either one of us knew. Rewind back to February of 2016; I started attending Church of the Highlands after one of my best friends, Kathryn, encouraged me to come to College Night. That was the night that my entire life changed. I began to walk out my Faith and grow in my relationship with The Lord. Church of the Highlands had an incredible college ministry led by Bubba Massey that I attended on Thursday nights, and even the Sunday service led by Pastor Chris Hodges blew me away every time. It was in this moment of pure joy in The Lord that I began to pray daily that He would bring me my future husband, the Man of God, that I had always dreamed of. I never knew that the man The Lord picked for me was the one that grew up 5 minutes down the street from me while playing football for my rival high school. Now, this is where Patrick’s part of the story comes into play. Patrick and I knew each other in high school and even hung out occasionally during our 11th grade year, which was in 2011. He then went off to play football at Georgia Southern and I went off to The University of Alabama, and we quickly became faces we passed while scrolling through social media. Fast forward roughly 5 years to May of 2016. I woke up with a text from Patrick, the first one I had received in years. We played catch up on each other’s lives and what has happened in the last few years. Little did I know, this was the first text from my future husband. Although I was praying for The Lord to bring me the Godly man I would marry, I never knew it was Patrick. We would text continuously, but to me it seemed as if we were just friends living in two different states. Then, Patrick began to pursue me so whole heartedly for the next 7 to 8 months. We would talk about my church I was attending and the football team he was coaching. Days and weeks passed as we got to know each other, but I knew that our plans for life were going in the complete opposite direction. Even with my doubts, Patrick still believed that the Lord told him to pursue me for a reason. He even donated money to my mission trip fund because he felt that it was on his heart to give, and he wanted to give to me… talk about the most incredible man you’ve ever met! Patrick was relentless in his pursuing of my heart, and looking back, I am ever so grateful he never gave up on me. December of 2016 rolled around and I knew that I was going to be home for Winter Break. I reached out to Patrick asking if he wanted to go to a football game with me, knowing that since he was a coach, he would probably love to. That was the first date we went on, and as much as I want to tell you that neither of us knew it would be our last first date ever, that would be a lie. The second he walked me to the door after the night was over, I knew that Patrick Flowe was the man that The Lord had delivered to me as an answer to my prayers.

how they asked

July 4, 2017. What started out as a typical Fourth of July, ended up being the best day of my entire life. Patrick had one of his best friend, Jake, in town, and I had one of my best friends, Ragan, in town with me as well. We spent the day out on Lake Lanier swimming, riding jet skis, and enjoying each other’s company. That evening, we were planning on going to dinner, just the four of us at a little restaurant in downtown Gainesville. Little did I know, the three of them had a bigger plan up their sleeves. We got to a stop light right at the edge of the town and that is when Jake and Ragan got out of the truck to go “put our names down.” I had no idea that they really were just going to get in a car that was waiting for them because the restaurant was not even open. As Patrick and I found a parking spot, we began to walk through the center of the town square. Never once did I suspect that anything was about to happen, but that is when we got to the center of the square and Patrick stopped walking. In that moment, I could not believe that the man I loved, the one that The Lord delivered to me, that one I had been praying for, was about to ask me to marry him. Of course, I SAID YES! Patrick’s sister, Shelby, and her husband, Taylor, were hiding and captured the entire moment! After taking pictures and being so shocked, but so excited, we went to dinner where our two best friends, Patrick’s parents, and my mom and grandma were waiting to surprise us! Needless to say, Patrick planned the day so perfectly!

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