Ashley and Nick

Image 1 of Ashley and NickHow we met: Nick and I officially met in 2006 when we were in high school and little did I know that he would be the one I was gonna spend the rest of my life with. Being in different grades Nick and I never really hung out in the same group of people but always knew who the other one was. In our later years of high school we stared to cross paths more and we we’re finally introduced at a party. Our connection was instant and after continuing to cross paths and get to know one another he started to become all I could think about. Little did I know he felt the same. Finally in 2007 we went on our first date and the rest was history. He continuously surprised me and everyday brought something new. Everything from our similarities to our differences somehow meshed perfectly and our relationship just seemed different then your average teenage relationship. Being young and in love was the best feeling in the world but also incredibly challenging. When college approached and I stayed local and he chose to leave for school everyone told us the odds were against us and that your first love typically doesn’t last. The day he left for college I felt like my entire world world had compely fallen apart and thought that was the beginning of the end of us as a long distance relationship would be incredibly hard. We had some trials and tribulations as growing up together isn’t always the easiest and neither is a long distance relationship. At a certain point in time we even took some time apart but we always seemed to find or way back to each other. We knew we were the the real deal.

how they asked: One thing Nick and I had in common was our love for sports. I am a huge San Francisco 49ers fan and I grew up spending every home game at candlestick park from three years old until I was nineteen. I remember telling Nick when I get engaged my dream was to get proposed to at a 49ers game since it was a huge part of who I am and since candlestick was like a second home. I never in a million years thought he would remember that.

For my 25th birthday Nick surprised me about a month early and presented me with my birthday present. Tickets to the first 49ers pre season home game at Levi’s stadium. I was thrilled! Not only was it on my birthday but it was their first game at Levis stadium. I already was claiming my 25th as the best birthday ever. The day finally came and I woke up like a kid on Christmas. After sitting in a ton of traffic we were finally at the game. When we were out in front of the stadium Nick kept suggestion we take a picture. This should have clued me in that he was up to something as he is not a big fan of taking pictures, I of course am which is usually a battle, but I just wanted to get to our seats. It sure payed off.

When we got to our seats I took one look at our amazing view of the field and was like ok now we can take a picture, we can’t pass this background up! Nick handed my phone to the ticket lady and he leaned in and said something to her which I assumed was can you please take our picture. Next thing I knew he was down on one knee asking me to marry him. I instantly started crying and somehow got out a yes! The whole section was clapping and cheering as we were hugging and it was like a scene out of a movie. It was the hands down the greatest day of my life and it was definitely the best birthday ever.

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