Ashley and Nicholas

How We Met

On Friday, October 5, 2012 my sister and I went to a local restaurant for appetizers and drinks after a stressful day at work. There was a large group of people there (I knew most of them from school and living in a small town) to celebrate one of their 21st birthdays. I saw one guy was part of the group but I just figured he was one of the girl’s boyfriends because I didn’t recall ever seeing him before. Eventually a woman came up to my sister and I and asked if we recognized her. We did because she and her brothers went to school with our dad and she would visit my parent’s movie theater back in the day. She ended up asking me my age and if I was single because her son thought I was cute. I told her my age (25 at the time) and that I was single and I asked her what one her son was. Come to find out, it was the good looking one that I had not seen before. As she was talking to us, he ended up leaving with a large number of the group to continue their party elsewhere but she asked if I wanted his phone number. I immediately said yes and my sister gave me a look of pure shock. I told her I was just going to text him and mess with him and it would be fun. A short while later I ended up texting him and we talked for hours. The next day we had a family bonfire and I invited him not thinking anything of it but he showed up. We had a lot of fun that night and he met most of my family (how awkward) and I even told him he would be my future boyfriend one day. We ended the night with a kiss and it was the first time in my life I’ve ever felt “weak in the knees”. We have never gone a single day without talking since then and I am so glad his mother came up to me that night!


This is our first photo that we took together back in October of 2012.

how they asked

I had to go to Orlando for a work trip back in November and we decided to extend it by a few days and go to Disney World. On our second day at Disney, we went to the Magic Kingdom and Nick was so patient the whole time, doing everything and anything that I wanted to do. Little did I know, it was because he was planning to make it the most special night of my life. As we were waiting in line to get our photo taken in front of Cinderella Castle at night (it was so beautiful with all of the holiday lights), Nick was playing with something in his pocket as he slightly stepped out of line. I asked him what he was doing because I honestly thought he was farting. So romantic, huh? He said he was playing with his pin (1st visit) in his pocket and I didn’t think anything of it. As we approached our time to take a photo, I walked up to the spot and waited while he said “take a lot” to the photographer. I figured he said it because he had been blinking and squinting in almost every photo we had taken throughout the day so again; I didn’t think anything of it. He walks up to me so we can take a photo and he takes a step back, puts one finger in the air and says “hold on”. He pulled the ring out of his pocket, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course in true Ashley fashion my response was “what the hell?” followed by tears and another “what the hell?” I remember looking over to him and he had a look on his face like “would you hurry up and answer me so I can get up now?” So then of course I said yes, he put the ring on, we kissed and hugged and I cried my little eyes out.


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