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How We Met

Ashley and I actually went to the same high school together, but never talked despite having a lot of mutual friends. Mind you, we went to a small private high school where everyone knows everyone. To make things even crazier, Ashley and I went on the same senior year retreat, and there is even a group photo of us and Ashley is standing right behind me. Fast forward to the end of my freshman year of college. She was hanging out and swimming at her friend Chelsea’s house. Chelsea, being our mutual friend, called me and my friend Sonny to come over and swim with them. When we got there, I was instantly taken back by how beautiful Ashley was. I’m not going to lie, the entire time we were hanging out I was trying to look so good, flexing as often as I could to try to get her attention (LMAO). But honestly, Ashley and I just clicked.

ASHLEY's Proposal in Los Angeles

We were talking and joking the entire time; she was truly the coolest, most down to earth girl I had ever met. But, because I am terrified of rejection and I knew that Ashley was way out of my league, the day came to an end and I didn’t have the guts to ask for her number. A couple days passed and I was still thinking about her, so I asked Chelsea for Ashley’s number (I know, pathetic). So I started texting Ashley, inviting her every time I went out- no response. I must have texted her 5 times that week to hang out and did not hear a word from her. I finally get a text back. The text read “Stop texting my 10-year-old daughter or I’m going to call the cops”. CHELSEA HAD GIVEN ME THE WRONG NUMBER! Once I got the correct number, Ashley and I started texting and hanging out, and 6 years later I’m here on HowTheyAsked telling the story of how I proposed to my best friend and love of my life…

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Los Angeles

ASHLEY and Nicholas's Engagement in Los Angeles

how they asked

I started the whole process in February by asking Ashley’s parents for their permission to marry their daughter. While at Ruth’s Chris, I nervously told them how much I love Ashley and I wanted their permission to marry their daughter. By this time we were all crying and they eagerly said yes!

The following week I began my search for the perfect engagement ring. After many, many visits to shops with my mom and Ashley’s parents, I found THE one at Icing on the Ring. I fell in love with this diamond instantly, and I decided to pull the trigger and have them start making my custom ring.

During the time I was looking for the ring, I also started looking at proposal ideas on Pinterest, The Knot, HowHe Asked- EVERYWHERE! I then managed to narrow it down to the top of the US Bank tower or a penthouse with a view of the LA skyline. I was in constant contact with Ashley’s cousin Marina, and she was my main consultant when it came to ideas that Ashley would love. I called every venue and decided that I was going to pop the question on top of the US Bank tower. After going on a site visit to confirm that this was where I wanted to do the deed, I was told that my date and time was available.

I could not be more excited and more anxious! I was now four weeks away from proposing to the love of my life. BUT THEN, a week later, I get an email from the US Bank tower saying they forgot they had a wedding that day, so I would not be able to do my proposal. I was shocked and upset and I panicked! I frantically contacted the other venues that I had in mind, and the only one that had availability that day was the Downtown penthouse. I quickly arranged a site visit for me and my videographer and we both agreed that this would be a perfect spot for the proposal. In addition to the penthouse proposal, I planned on having a surprise proposal celebration with all of our closest family and friends.

By August 4th, the plans were set in stone and emails were sent to our parents and friends detailing how everything is going to go down on August 11th. Later that evening, Ashley and I flew out to New Orleans to board a cruise to the Caribbean. On that cruise, I treated Ashley to a spa day, which included a manicure because I wanted Ashley’s nails looking nice for the big day!

It is now August 11th, and I drop Ashley off at her parents’ house to get ready. Ashley is going to be picked up by her best friend Natalia and thinks that she is going to go watch her sing in a penthouse. I get to the penthouse at 5 pm to start setting up the proposal with Ashley’s cousin Marina. Our parents and grandparents arrive at 6:30 pm and help with the rest of the set-up. Natalia and Ashley arrive at 7:45 pm, just in time. Our relatives are hiding in the bathroom as Ashley comes up the stairs. The stairs are lined with tea lights and roses on each step. As soon as I see her come up the steps I start crying like a baby. She walks over to me, into the lighted heart, and I tell her how much she means to me.

I get down on one knee and ask her “Ashley Tella, will you marry me?” By this point, we are both bawling, and she gently nods her head and we give each other the biggest hug. I signal for our family to come over and we all embrace and celebrate. I then tell her that her grandpa made her favorite pasta, so we are going to go have a small celebratory dinner at her grandparents’ house. Little does she know, there is a party with 60 of our closest friends and family waiting for her. We get to the house and as soon as we walk in, everyone screams and cheers. And we celebrate our love.

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