Ashley and Nathan

How We Met

Nate and I met at a basketball game his last semester of school. We were both attending BYU in Provo, Utah. One of my best guy friends was a finance major with Nate and had classes with him, but had conveniently never invited him along until this night. It ended up just being me and three guys! I had worked a bridal fair that afternoon and had gotten my hair and make up done, so I was feeling pretty good! Nate and I ended up sitting next to each other, and almost immediately after sitting down Nate asked me, “So if we get on the kiss cam are you leaning left or right?” I just laughed and felt embarrassed not having a witty response. After the game we went and got shakes and cheese friends, and this became our tradition. Basketball games, and then shakes and cheese fries after.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Heber Valley, Ut

Somewhere along the way we became Snapchat friends, and then that turned into texting, and then later games without our mutual friend, and even a road trip. It took us a while to cross over from friend to more than friends, but we eventually made the switch and have been together since. After graduation he moved to North Carolina and I had to finish up in Utah. We’ve been long distance for over a year, but long phone calls and a lot of frequent flier miles made it all work!

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To be honest, I knew a proposal was coming soon. However, Nate was visiting me in Utah and we had a busy week. I had a family reunion he attended with me and his brother was getting married. I had no clue when he was going to fit anything in. It was the day before he was flying home and I was still sleeping (It was 5:30 am and we were exhausted from his brother’s wedding the previous night). Nate woke me up and told me to get ready, and we were going on a hike. Let’s just say we haven’t had awesome experiences hiking together, and it’s not my favorite thing to do. I resisted, but he said I had 10 minutes to get ready and I could wear jeans. As I got ready I asked more questions, trying to figure out what I could wear. I was pretty sure we weren’t going hiking. I quickly got ready and we got in the car.

We started driving, and Nate kept up with the hiking story. We drove to Park City and ended up just sitting in a parking lot. I was pretty confused, until three vans pulled up with hot air balloons in their trailers. I honestly couldn’t believe we were going on a hot air balloon ride! But sure enough, Nate got out, talking to the people who had gotten out the vans. He came and got me and I was speechless. We drove to a nearby valley and they got the baskets and balloons out. For a while they weren’t sure if we were going to launch the balloons because of wind, but after some waiting (and panicking on Nate’s part), things started going! It was seriously amazing to just watch them get the balloons ready.

We jumped into the baskets and floated about the valley with the prettiest views of the mountains, town, and nearby lakes. It was amazing.

Proposal Ideas Heber Valley, Ut

I was looking out at the view and Nate tapped me on the back and called my name. I turned around and saw him on his knee (but honestly just thought he was squatting down) and someone with a phone facing at us, so I thought he was telling me to get out of the way of their picture! I started squatting down with him! Turns out I was ruining his moment and he was trying to propose!

The video shows it better than me, but I figured it out, stood up so he could pop the question, and said yes. (As well as I could, this moment quite literally took my breath away.) Nate’s not exactly the romantic type, but he killed it with this proposal! Just the day was truly amazing, but our proposal was more than I ever could have imagined.


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Special Thanks

Park City Balloon Adventures
They were in on the whole thing and made sure Nate had the perfect moment to propose.