Ashley and Nash

How We Met

Our story started in 2017 when we both worked at the same restaurant. There was immediate chemistry, but neither of us was sure if the other was truly interested. We would hang out and flirt at work, and the chemistry became even more clear to us both at a work Halloween party. It honestly felt like we had known each other for a lifetime instead of just a few short months. Our first date came the following day when we decided to get lunch together, and we couldn’t stop the cascading feelings for each other every day since!

How They Asked

The proposal was definitely something special, especially because it happened on a new adventure that we were experiencing together! We were in Boone, NC for a 4th of July weekend getaway, and decided to splurge a little and stay in a really nice but quaint inn at the top of a mountain. The view was absolutely gorgeous! We spent our days in the mountains going to different breweries, hiking, and trying to find as many “local” spots as possible. Well one of our hikes led us to a beautiful waterfall well off of the beaten path, with amazing rock walls and flowering plants that just made it feel like we were in our own little world! Nash had brought a camera and tripod and suggested that we set it up to get some pictures of the two of us. Little did I know that he set the camera to record and used this opportunity to pop the question! I was beyond surprised, and so glad that we had a recording of this moment to relive forever!


Special Thanks

Jennifer B Photography
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