Ashley and Mikel

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how we met

The first time I saw Mikel was on the rooftop of what used to be Michelangelo’s in downtown Conway. He was the MC for his fraternity’s date auction and I was captivated by his humor and good looks (he swears it was the green pants he had on). I could not stop thinking or talking about this boy I didn’t even know for quite some time. While at the party there were so many different times I could have “made a move”, but was entirely too terrified-after all he probably wasn’t single. For the rest of the night and next day all I could talk about was how “hot” he was and that I should have danced with him or talked to him. Little did I know, my good friend Bailey was friends with several of his friends and secretly helped set us up. I had no idea he knew I even existed until he favorited a tweet of mine and then soon friended me on Facebook.

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Not too long after that I got a message on Facebook from him asking me to go to lunch. I still remember the corny dance I did because I was SO dang excited. He took me to lunch at Holly’s (you’re missing out if you’ve never had it) followed by a walk on campus before our next class. I was hooked.

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Fast-forward a month later he stopped by my dorm room one morning to drop off a gift and when he left I said to myself “I’m gonna marry that man.” I was always embarrassed by how quickly I fell in love and knew marriage was in the future, but when you know, you know. I’m one lucky girl, and I can’t wait for all of our loved ones to share in this special day with us.

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how they asked

It was December 12, 2016, a pretty normal day. We attended my cousin’s graduation and while there he told me he had a surprise. He said that evening a friend would text me to take me somewhere and that I shouldn’t ask questions. I assumed it was a surprise birthday dinner since my birthday was a few days later but I jokingly asked if he was going to propose. Obviously he said no and I believed him. Later that day he rushed me home, made me change into something more casual, and told me he’d have to leave but that he would see me later.

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When I was getting ready, I was still convinced he wasn’t proposing until I saw my “message in a bottle” was gone off of my bookshelf. For our 1 year anniversary he gave me a sealed letter in a bottle and told me I couldn’t open it until I was told. When I saw that bottle gone, I knew what was happening. A few minutes later, our friends Emma and Josh picked me up, blindfolded me and drove me all around Conway. They finally got me out of the car and walked me into a building. When we got in the elevator I immediately knew it was the rooftop where I first saw Mikel 3 short years ago.

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When we got to the rooftop they took off my blindfold and Mikel was standing on a stage waiting for me! The rooftop overlooks downtown and the Christmas lights along with the rose petals he laid down made it the most beautiful site. When I met Mikel on stage, I finally got to read my letter and at the very end it read, “Ashley Brooke Owen, will you marry me?”

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It was the exact way I had always dreamed he would propose to me. His sweet aunt and uncle were there to document the occasion and after we had some time to ourselves downtown, he took me back to my house where there was a surprise engagement party with our closest friends and family.

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