Ashley and Michael

how they asked: Michael invited my close Image 1 of Ashley and Michaelfriends to join us for the festivities at Essence in New Orleans, LAJuly 4th weekend. Initially, my friends were supposed to be a surprise. Two of my friends spilled the beans and emailed us their itineraries saying they were excited to come.

I was extremely happy because as a PhD student in chemistry, anything going on outside of the lab makes you extremely happy. Mike later on said that I had another surprise guest coming and I kept bothering him to tell me but he wouldn’t.

Weeks later he said, “Hey, you may have two surprises coming to visit.” At this point, I made a list of friends that I truly care about and started calling them. Henelle, my line sister (skeewee), answered and said yes when I asked if she was coming. She totally forgot it was a surprise so Mike was upset haha.

There was one more guest left and I called my best friend Dajah and she said she wasn’t and quickly rushed me off of the phone.

Mike and I attend fit body boot camp Baton Rouge, and they mentioned that they will allow us to bring a friend for free for one class! As soon as they said that, Mike says, “You should bring Dajah on Thursday!” BAM HE SPILLED THE BEANS AND I WAS SOOOOO EXCITED!

I continuously chanted, “no one can surprise me”….but boy was I wrong. We went out to eat at The Chimes on Saturday evening after a long day of ruined plans due to rain. The waitress was getting on our nerves and I was ready TO GO because I did not want to miss the fireworks. Mike got up, so I got up thinking finally we are out of here! Mike kept telling me to sit down, stop rushing, relax every time he was getting up.

He decided he wanted to make a speech and all I could think about were fireworks. In my mind, I was thinking, “Why are we thanking people for being here if they are going to be here for a few more days” but I sat there and allowed him to continue. It was then, my friends were pulling out phones and he started talking about our relationship. I was still clueless like aww yaay…but fireworks anyone?!

He then started to conclude this long drawn out passage and asked my line sister to hand him the package. He unwrapped the box and my eyes began to water. “Will you take this insurance?” LOL He got on one knee and asked me to marry him and I have been floating since then. <3