Ashley and Michael

How We Met

Michael and I met in 2011, Grade 11 at Lakeshore Catholic High School in Port Colborne. I went out for lunch with some of my guy friends and he went out with a couple of his guy friends also at Sambos in Port Colborne on our lunch break. That is when Mike first saw me, (I, unfortunately, did not know him). He then got my phone number from a mutual friend Nick Fraser, he texted me saying “Hey Sexy”. In my mind, I am thinking who is this, who texts someone this?!. Eventually, he told me who he was, I still at this point did not know who he was. I asked my friends and they laughed when I told them what our conversation was, stating “yup, that is something Shis would say”. Eventually, we met and kept texting, it took him 2 months to finally drive me home from school. The first time he drove me home was on his birthday and I didn’t even give him a kiss goodbye. The next time was during exam week, which he came into my house and watched a movie. Then on my birthday and he took me out to Swiss Chalet and a movie. Come March, we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend. Us in grade 12, 2012.

Where to Propose in Our first home in Fort Erie.

how they asked

February 15 2018: It all started when I was getting ready for work, I was sitting on the floor doing my makeup and my older sister walked in and said .. That is what you are wearing? I said, ugh yeah? What is wrong with it.. She goes nothing, I just thought you get more dressed up for work, during the winter season we don’t need too. So the story begins…

At 9:00 am when I arrived to work there were two envelopes on my desk. One was a big orange one and the other was a small white one with my name on it. I asked my boss Kelly, what is this??? And started to open it up… she told me to relax, get comfortable and take off my jacket (little did I know, she was part of the entire thing). I open up the white envelope and it is a little card that reads … “Something for you to enjoy while celebrating your 24th birthday. Please follow and complete the activities along with the clue cards before they expire, so you can receive all your birthday gifts this year!

P.s. Keep the cards. Expires: 5:00 pm 02/15/18”

I open up the orange envelope and it is “Ashley’s Crossword Birthday Challenge”. I completed the challenge, couldn’t get one answer, so I asked Kelly and she gave me a clue. Some letters were underlined in certain colors, so I had to take the letters in the puzzle and make a sentence … the sentence said. “Go See Kelly” I turn to her and she hands me a second envelope with a Starbucks gift card in there that said, “this is good for 3 caramel macchiato.” When I was struggling with the Crossword Challenge, I never texted my sister because I was so busy at work, that day we were going to holding group interviews at the Travelodge in Niagara Falls, and when I had to an icebreaker with the group, the questions was “Where do you want to travel to?” I explained I am going to England in May/June to visit my sister and hopefully going to Greece, and hopefully get engaged. The class laughed and Kelly did too, knowing I was getting engaged later that night…So.

The second envelope reads …

“Old friends are hard to say goodbye to, but just remember “goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I’ll miss you until we meet again. Today marks the first year that I have been gone from this earth. If love alone could have kept me alive, I would have lived forever. I want you to know how much I loved our walks and the outings we had, our tanning sessions in the yard and the treats you always gave me. You were my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye, and I cannot wait until the day, where we will be together again. Please do not be sad after reading my card, for I left you a gift, inside my favorite water bowl beside your bed. Love your hunny, Chloe”

Expires: 5:40 pm 02/15/18

Chloe was my dog that passed a year ago on this date, she was my best friend and I was a mess when she passed.

But… On V-day I booked a dentist appointment because my bar on the back of my teeth was coming off and cutting my tongue, it was for 5:15 pm… I asked Kelly if I could leave at 4:45 pm and she looked at me and was like “sure”… but she knew about the proposal for a couple of days now… When Mike went to Kelly house on V-day, supposed to be there for 5:30 pm, showed up at 7:00 pm Kelly told him about my appointment and he was scared that the timing wasn’t going to work, and was asking Kelly to say no, you can’t go… Kelly said I can’t do that! It’s hurting her!… Mike thought about it and gave me enough time to still complete the tasks. Mike told my mom and my mom called Karen at the dentist asking what I was getting down and how long it would be… keeping her in the loop… when I got to the dentist I was in and out within 20 minutes. I went home, dropped my stuff on the island and said to Cocoa and my mom, “what is this scavenger hunt, how are you a part of it” obviously they were playing dumb… I ran upstairs to Chloe’s bowl and there were a clue and a box in her dish. The clue read …

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our first home in Fort Erie.

Ashley's Proposal in Our first home in Fort Erie.

“New family members are always a joy, no matter what a girl or boy. Watching you with young ones in your life, we all know no doubt, one day you will make a great mother. Let the world how special you are, we are all so proud, you have come so far. So here is another clue. Everett has a gift for you. Please, do not hesitate for Everett’s bedtime cannot wait.

897 Canada drive. Expires 6:20 pm 02/15/18”

I opened up the present and it was a gold butterfly necklace in resembles of my Great Grandma B (Chloe’s first mommy). Chloe gave me the butterfly…

I then jump in the car with Cocoa and we drive over Everett’s house… He was the cutest boy ever, he was in his tight paw patrol pjs with high socks on looking so cute. Everett was not feeling well that day and was throwing up, but he was still so perfect. Everett handed me a butterfly box with a puzzle and eyeshadow in it. I did the puzzle and it said “turn to Cocoa” I turned to her and she handed me a clue. The clue reads …

“Borrowed clothes, shoes and so much more. Having you as a sister does not only mean I get to use all your things, I have also been able to watch you grow into the amazing person you are today. I can proudly call you my best friend. Thank you for being by my side no matter what. I love you. There’s one more place for you to go, a cute red house with espresso. Fresh painted walls and a birthday surprise let’s go see with our own two eyes.

Expires 6:35pm 02/15/18.”

So we hope into the car and go to our house, we pull in and on the front door there is an envelope with my name on it… It reads …

“Blue eyes are waiting behind this door; no man has ever loved you more. Until this day, you’ve waited long enough; your life will change do you call my bluff? Twenty four years is drawing near, come on in and have no fear. A cute little nose with adorable eyes, behind this door awaits your surprise.

Expires in 30 seconds”

I open the door, and walk in, Mike got down on one knee and propose to me. “Ashley Lauren Moccia, will you marry me?” I was shocked, I couldn’t even breath, he says, “Will you be my wife?”

He had made an aisle with rose petals, candles, burlap and lights leading to him. Photos of us throughout the years on the walls and balloons.

After I said YES, we Facetimed with my oldest sister who lived in England at that time and told her to story, we had champagne and then went to Nappoli’s in Niagara Falls for dinner with both sides of the family.