Ashley and Michael

How We Met

Hello! My name is Ashley and I recently got engaged to my fiancé Mike. Little background on us. We have dated for 5 years and also didn’t have the typical relationship. In 2015 I was diagnosed with Breast cancer. I had a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, reconstruction, and radiocarbon. Michael was there through it all. He even shaved his hair when I lost mine. Through it, all with faith in God and each other Michael use to whisper “ stronger together “. Thankfully, in 2016 I got to ring the survivor victory bell at Roswell Park with Michael by my side. It was the strongest moment of our relationship. So it was fitting on a recent visit to Roswell, Michael took me back to the bell and got on one knee!

Sorry for babbling! Lol, We are planning a Summer 2019 wedding. We are in the process of narrowing down dates in our hometown of Niagara Falls New York Thanks for the wonderful work you do and hope to hear from you soon ! Ashley Johnston.

how they asked

While I was going through cancer treatment, Michael would just hold my hand and whisper into my ear “ stronger together” over and over again. He never faltered or left my side. He slept in the hospital overnight with me and he shaved his head when I lost my hair. Thankfully in 2016, I got to ring the victory bell at Roswell Park Cancer Center which signifies a clean bill of health. It was one of the strongest and proudest moments of my life and Michael was by my side.

Ashley's Proposal in Roswell Park Cancer Institute

So it was fitting on July 3, 2018, Michael took me to the place where I had my strongest moment. We discussed what we’ve overcome as a couple and then he asked me to start a new chapter of life as his wife. And I dang that bell again after I said yes!

Ashley and Michael's Engagement in Roswell Park Cancer Institute