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How We Met

Michael and I first met when we were just kids. We both grew up in a small town in Indiana. This town was the type of town where everyone basically knew everyone, even if you weren’t friends. That was how Michael and I were- just acquaintances. I knew of Mikey in school simply from his brain, his athletic abilities, and of course his cute dimpled smile, but that is how most would have described him. Michael and his family left Danville around sophomore year to another town, and if we weren’t interacting much before, that definitely was the case once he left. Mickey and I went on with our lives and even though we crossed paths once or twice throughout the years, we just sort of forgot about one another. We both graduated, went off to our own colleges choices, and never gave each other another thought. That was until my sophomore year in college when I decided to study abroad. I took a semester to live in Ireland and travel around with some new friends of mine. Towards the end of my overseas adventure, I received an alert on my phone from Instagram which read, “Mikey Reed has posted his first photo in awhile.” Like I said before, I had sort of lost track of him throughout the years and was shocked to see this notification so I looked at his timeline to see what he’d been up to since moving away so many years ago. It just so happen that the year before he lived overseas as well in Germany. I had already scheduled a backpacking tour around Europe that was making a stop in Berlin prior to this Insta alert and decided to message Mike for tips and advice during my time in Germany. I decided to message him on Snapchat and he was so kind to give me all his wisdom regarding his time abroad. Our conversation about my up-and-coming trip went on for a few days, and then continued while I was on my backpacking trip, and never really ended. A few weeks before I came back to America he asked me if we could meet up sometime to catch up on what we’ve been doing with life since he left our school. It was about a week or so after I arrived home that we went on our first date and a year later he proposed! (***Photo by CapturingYou Photography in Indiana)

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When Mikey and I started talking I was abroad. We went our first date shortly after I returned to America over the summer. I was all too excited to begin a summer romance, but was quickly devastated to discover Mikey would be leaving for a special technology summer boot camp and would be gone until the school year started up. Even though we were able to visit each other, it normally was for a quick dinner date and then he headed back on the road. Summer came to an end and our school years started. Mike was in his senior year at Purdue and I in my junior year at Indiana State…So even more distance. We made it work, but the relationship was still so new that I decided to do another semester away, but this time in Orlando working for Disney. To my surprise we made the distance between our schools work and shortly after meeting my parents and officially asking me to be his girlfriend I got accepted to Disney for my Spring semester….So even MORE distance. Mikey is the man of my dreams and not only supported me every step of the way, but encouraged me to go even when I had doubts. Everyday, no matter how crazy our schedules were, he made it his priority to talk to me. Distance is tough, but we made it work. I arrived home a few weeks before the anniversary of our first date and shortly after his graduation. Because of all these milestones we decided to exchange gifts to one another. I bought Mikey a grill for his new apartment in Chicago (by then he had received a job offer in Illinois) and felt confident that his gift to me would be Lalapalooza tickets for Chicago. I believed we would visit his new place, start decorating, and go to the shows. I felt my guess was even more accurate because it just so happened we would already be in town that weekend for his brother’s wedding. However, after we left the wedding venue we drove up to Arlington Heights where he would be living and decided to spend our time there exploring the town…So my guess was wrong. Then he told me that we were going to a nice supper later on in the evening…So I began to realize that my gift was not Lala tickets, but the dinner and maybe some jewelry that his sister designed (***Katherine Reed Jewelry***).

When we arrived to the apartment, he began to speak to me about life and this next chapter in our lives…I being the total doofus that I am was not paying attention, but was instead snapchatting our new place to my sisters. The moment we unlocked the door he had planned to propose, however, we were unable to get the door open and on top of my snapchatting, his plan fell through. Mikey being Mikey improvised and instead asked me to go check out the balcony to ensure his grill would fit. As I opened the door to the balcony I heard Mike say my name, I turned around and said, “What?” Mike was on one knee with the ring out. I had no idea this moment was about to happen and kept asking if this was real, if he was serious, if my parents knew. Mike finally asked me again and of course I said YES!! I was so happy I gave him a hug and kept repeating, “Are you serious?!” I was so in shock and excited I called my mom before he even had a chance to give me the ring. My FaceTime call with my mom was the first time I saw and put on the ring. It was the greatest surprise of my life and something Mikey had been planning since I left for Disney back in January!

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