Ashley and Matt's Golf Proposal

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How We Met

The law firm I used to work for had a softball team and we were awful! We lost every game. Eventually, in an effort to win one game, one of the attorneys called in a some ringers from a rugby team he used to play on. Matt and I met at the game but didn’t get to chat very much. Little did I know that he took the jersey home with him so he could come return it to me at work the next week, when he showed up I was caught so off guard by how handsome he was! How had I not noticed that at the softball game? Why didn’t I wear a cuter outfit or better make-up today? I was startled and our exchange was short.

Our front desk receptionist gave me a hard time for blowing him off so I sent him a message on Facebook to apologize; we met for a lunch a couple of days after that and had a great time! I heard from him sporadically for the next little while but then it stopped. After a few weeks I had a friend ask me about him (while golfing… a lot of important things have happened for us on a golf course) and I told her that he had just stopped texting me. The truth is I had been really busy traveling that summer and my friend was convinced that I’d blown him off so she took my phone and sent him a text that just said, “Hey!” I was mortified but we decided to meet up for dinner and just never stopped hanging out. So many things aligned for us to be together, I know he is the one for me!

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how they asked

Matt and I love to golf. We loved it separately, before me met, and we love it even more when we do it together. A couple of years ago I got a hole in one and I just love to tease him about it and tell him the entire story – he loves to roll his eyes, sigh and act unimpressed! One Sunday, March 13, we met my Mom and Stepdad to golf at the same course I had my hole in one on. As we approach that famous hole I go in to my whole speech about how it happened, the date, what the weather was like etc. (It’s pretty obnoxious… ha!) Once we are done playing that hole Matt asks me if I’ll put the flag in and as I go to place it in there is a ring box!

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I was so surprised! As much as we love to golf, I truly had no idea that the engagement was going to happen in that way or on that day. He got down on one knee, said some very sweet things to me and then asked me to marry him. It is a series of moments that I will never forget, partly due to the fact that he had an amazing photographer hiding and capturing all of it on camera. It’s a double bonus because she is also my sister-in-law! The entire thing was a dream!

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Special Thanks

Jocelyn DeHart
 | Photography