Ashley and Matthew

Ashley and Matthew's Engagement in Rouge Valley

How We Met

Matthew followed me on Instagram two years ago, I followed back because I recognized his last name – his brother is good friends with my brother and both our moms are great friends as well – I had never met Matthew before! The next day he added me on Facebook so I decided to send him a message; “so you’re just following me on all social media?” to which he responded, “lol I have my own business and I like to network.” We started talking and decided to meet up. After three failed attempts to meet, I decided just to man up and meet the guy and stop bailing. We hit it off immediately! We spent every waking moment together and quickly became something spectacular. When we decided to officially start dating Matthew took me to Niagara Falls where we stayed in a suite at the Crown Plaza Hotel. We got up to the room where a card and box of chocolates were waiting. As I was reading the card I turned around and there was Matthew, standing tall with a single red rose asking me to be his girlfriend. He said he wanted to make it really special because this would be the last time I would accept a proposal to be someone’s girlfriend. Our life together since has been nothing short of’s like we have always been meant for each other and that the universe was just waiting for the perfect moment. In fact, five or so years prior to us meeting, we crossed paths…we happened to capture the same moment on camera seconds apart in the same parking lot! This means we were in our separate cars right next to each other, five or so years ago, and never even knew it!

how they asked

We had plans to go for a late lunch/early dinner at Spin Cafe in Pickering (its where we had our first date). I’ve raved about the chicken and waffles since I first tried them so I was really excited to have Matthew try them for the first time. I didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary since we usually put time aside for romantic dates. After having our romantic meal we had plans to go for a hike at Rouge Valley but by the time we finished eating it was raining so I asked if we could go for a hike another day since I was wearing white shoes…and I didn’t want to wreck my hair. Matthew said it was alright so we went for coffee instead but after we got our drinks he asked to go on the hike again, he was so persistent so I said “why do you want to go there so bad? Do you have something you need to ask me there?!” to which he responded “no…why would you ask me that??” “just teasing,” I said laughing.

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Where to Propose in Rouge Valley

We get to Rouge Valley, parked the car and started to walk. Matthew lead me to a bridge overlooking trails and ravines as he explained how it was his favorite spot. We started walking back to the car when he said “hey I want to show you something over here” leading me to a bench, my first thought was “oh my god did he buy us a bench?!” but as I leaned over to read the plaque I couldn’t see either of our names so I couldn’t figure out why he would want to show me such a random piece of outdoor furniture. When I turned to ask why he wanted to show me the bench, there was Matthew on one knee, ring in hand, asking me to be his forever. I’ve imagined how this moment would go and how I would most likely cry…I never imagined my first reaction to being “are you joking?! but are you being serious right now?! You really want to marry me??”

I was so incredibly happy and in total shock, I didn’t even notice the photographer capturing every moment…including the moments we had at the restaurant!

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