Ashley and Matthew

Proposal Ideas Disney Cruise Line- Magic Ship

How We Met

Matthew and I met while interning for the Walt Disney Company in June of 2014. We worked in the same building but in different departments. Each departments intern team came together to do “intern activities” for the building so the intern group grew really close. We would all go play at the parks on our off time and host movie nights, game nights and holiday parties and just have fun! I was starting to think that Matt liked me but I didn’t know for sure, until one day he came into my desk at work (in front of my boss I might add) and told me he got reservations for two to a restaurant in the Magic Kingdom “Be Our Guest” he told me he didn’t want the reservations to go to waste so he was asking “everyone” (LOL) at the time, I said no. First I wasn’t sure I wanted to and second, he didn’t ask ME he asked “everyone” ;) After that I actually asked him to go to the Magic Kingdom for some fireworks and rides one night, it was the first time we had been together just us two and after that night, something clicked, we were inseparable and have been together ever since! We had a true Disney romance!

how they asked

Since everything we do revolves in some way around Disney, it was only fitting that he proposed on our Disney Cruise Line vacation on November 19th 2017! It was my first cruise and our first “real” vacation together, since we lived in a vacation area most of our vacations over the last 3 years have been to visit each others families. This was the first trip we went on just the two of us, a 8 night Disney Cruise! We were waiting in line to get our formal pictures taken and he very sly, asked the lady in line behind us to video tape our picture session. The photographer took a few photos of us and then Matt asked for “one more picture” then he pulled the ring out of his jacket pocket, got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife! I was so shocked and it was PERFECT because we had it not only on video, but professional photographer pictures as well :)

Our Video