Ashley and Matthew

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How We Met

We first met freshman year in high school ( German class) we both were new to the area. We instantly became best friends. Toward the end of freshman year he asked me to the farewell dance (I said yes as a friend) I didn’t know that it would be the first date with the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with. Going into sophomore year we dated other people and the last semester of the school year we once again had the same German class. I remember getting in so much trouble for laughing because of him. All of my friends told me that we should date, and even his friends thought we should date. And after many times of him asking. lol I finally said yes!

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how they asked

When we officially started dating he asked me while we were playing scrabble. So he decided to carry on the scrabble theme, he asked me to senior prom with giant scrabble pieces.(2014) So weeks before the proposal he got with my mom to have this whole family game night that I just had to attend. The week he was going to propose, we chose the game scrabble.

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Funny thing I also had a job interview that day so my mom was able to make sure that I was all dressed up (pretty sneak). When it all went down my parents and my little sister were there to witness my best friend asking me to marry him.

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