Ashley and Matthew

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How We Met

We met in first grade, Mrs. Defelice’s class. We grew up together,and became friends in elementary school. We even “dated” in the fourth grade, you know that phase where everyone says they have a boyfriend or girlfriend. That was us! We remained friends through middle school and high school. During high school we were both in marching band, concert band , and jazz band all four years of high school .We saw each other all the time. When we went away to college we stayed friends but drifted apart a little. We only saw each other when we were home from college and with other friends. It was not until our junior year in college that we decided what the hell lets give dating a shot, we thought since we were friends first it may work out and it did!

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how they asked

Both Matthew and I are huge Disney fans, me more so than him, i have been to Walt Disney World too many times to count. After two and a half years of dating , we finally had the opportunity to take the Disney Vacation of our dreams. Our day started at 2 in the morning on Sunday August 21st, we had a super early flight down to Orlando to start our adventure. Once we landed we were off to our hotel on the Disney bus. Once we arrived at our Disney hotel we were able to check in, Matt surprised me and upgraded our room to a small suite with a king size bed. We grabbed a quick bite to eat at our resort and headed off to the Magic Kingdom. We spent a few hours there before heading back to our resort to get ready for our dinner reservation at Chef Mickey’s (Matt was acting really odd and quiet I would find out later why).

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We had a great time at dinner, taking selfies with characters and enjoying the buffet. After dinner we walked back to the Magic Kingdom to watch the firework show Wishes. We found the perfect spot in the middle of main street. As the fireworks started I was busy taking pictures and videos to notice Matt sneak away for a moment. Just as jimminy cricket tells the crowd” that anything can happen when you make a wish “Matthew whispered in my ear “do you know what I wish?” I was still totally oblivious and replied “what?” It was in that moment that Matthew got down on one knee and said ” your my best friend and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want you to be with me forever and always, I know that with how you treat Max (our dog) your going to make an amazing mother, I want you to be the mother of our children.

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I love you now more than ever and I cannot imagine my life without you. Will you marry me?” I stood there speechless, tears streaming down my face, he quickly said ” is that a yes?” ” oh yes ! Yes!” Is what I replied.

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The best part is that he snagged a Disney photographer to capture entire thing! I called my parents immediately after as well as my best friend and they all knew it was going to happen! We spent the rest of our vacation wearing Disney pins that said just engaged, all the cast members and others guests congratulated us. We celebrated the rest of our entire trip!+

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