Ashley and Matt

How We Met

Our story began in the Fall of 2010. Matt was living in Buffalo, and I had moved back to Buffalo to finish undergrad. Since we had actually gone to the same high school (different graduating years), we had friends in common, and found ourselves hanging out together more and more. We even went to the same local gym, and would sometimes end up doing more talking than working out! We had a lot in common between our love for the Buffalo Sabres and listening to good country (and rock) music, and found that we really enjoyed each other’s company. Not too much time went by before Matt called me one night on his way to his hockey game, and asked me out on our first official date. I said yes, and the following week we had our first date at a local Italian restaurant. After a delicious first date dinner, several hockey games, and a few concerts later we pretty much knew we were meant to be together!

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how they asked

For a couple weeks prior to his proposal he was adamant I take a random Monday off of work so we could have a spontaneous 3-day weekend. We usually plan a few long weekend trips per year, so it wasn’t completely out of the blue, but we usually go hiking, and the cold February weather was not exactly ideal. I thought something might be going on, but nothing really seemed too out of the ordinary, and I definitely didn’t think he brought a ring with him as we headed up the mountain. It was a pretty tough hike, and once we reached the top of the mountain and stopped to rest, I asked him for my water and granola bar out of our backpack I was wearing. He said, “Sure, but I have a question to ask you first.” He fished around for something out of the top pocket of the backpack, and when I turned around to face him, he was down on one knee. With the ring he had so carefully guarded (and I had actually been carrying) during our hike, he asked me to marry him. I felt so surprised and extremely happy. I, of course, said yes (eventually…after the surprise wore off). He could not have asked in a more perfect way or setting – just the two of us enjoying a hike on a beautiful trail! We didn’t tell anyone that day (deciding we would wait to tell family and friends until the next day), and that evening we went and celebrated at a local brewery, simply enjoying our new engagement before heading back home!

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