Ashley and Matt

How We Met

Matt and I met through our parents when we were both 14 years old. My mom worked for his dad. They both joked about us getting married one day. We grew up as friends. There was always a little sparkle between us.

Ashley and Matt's Engagement in Laguna Beach, CA

After graduation, we began to gravitate towards each other and began a sweet and loving bond. I turned to a friend for comfort and ended up finding everything I ever wanted. He is my best friend, my man crush, and my everything. I am counting down the days to become Mrs. Mitry.

Proposal Ideas Laguna Beach, CA

Ashley's Proposal in Laguna Beach, CA

how they asked

Matt proposed June 10, 2017. We went out for a nice dinner and he invited our families to the beach to be part of the proposal. Matt’s dad along with other family members wrote our initials on the sand with rose petals and a candlelight heart shape around it all. The tide kept getting higher and higher so they lost a few petals and candles as they waited for me to finish my delicious red velvet cheesecake.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Laguna Beach, CA

(I had no idea people were waiting for me.) They struggled with that a little. That in itself showed me how much our families support us and worked so hard to make our special moment. It was so special and incredibly thoughtful. I loved that my family and his were there to witness this special moment.

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