Ashley and Matt

How We Met

Matt and I grew up in two small towns in New Jersey only a short distance from each other, about 4 miles apart. Our high schools, where he was a football player and I was a cheerleader, competed against each other.The Rutherford Bulldogs vs. The QP Golden Griffins. Little did I know at the time that I was rooting against my future fiancé. I also have family and friends that live in the town that Matt grew up in so we both knew of each other long before we actually met. It wasn’t until late 2008 that we were officially introduced through mutual friends at a local bar. Our conversation that night was nothing more than “Hi, nice to meet you.” A few weeks later I walked into a new craft beer pub that opened in my town and saw him standing behind the bar. We somehow got on the topic of a water-skiing squirrel named Twiggy and our conversations have been just as random ever since.

Matt tracked me down on Facebook and messaged me on Christmas Eve to talk about Twiggy and give me his phone number. I sent him a text message that night and the rest is pretty much history. In August of 2012, after 3 years of dating, Matt asked me to move to Los Angeles where he was being relocated for work. Without any hesitation I said yes and we drove across country for our first real adventure together. After ­­­­­11 days in the car and driving through 13 different states we finally made it to our new home in Redondo Beach, CA! One of our favorite things to do since moving to California is watch the beautiful sunsets as often as we can. On the weekends we head over to Palos Verdes which is a picture perfect location on the cliffs along the coast. We set up our chairs, share a bottle of wine and watch the sunset in front of us as well as the whales that are frequently passing by. It has become our favorite place and a tradition we stick to almost once a week.

how they asked

On April 1st 2017, I thought it was just another Saturday evening that we were going to watch the sunset before heading to dinner. I had no idea that within the hour I would be walking away with a fiancé! Shortly after we got settled in our spot, a group of people came with a case of beer and a speaker and they sat down right next to us. Matt was dying inside! We couldn’t ignore the loud music and the chatter so we decided to move our chairs to a new spot (and little did I know they were ruining his plan).

We walked down a bit further and found the perfect spot set into the cliff with just enough room for two chairs. It was even more secluded and the overall view was even better. There was about 15 minutes left before the sun would set over the horizon. Matt and I were commenting on how perfect of a sunset it was when he put down his wine and said “do you know what would make this even more perfect? ..if you said yes”. I looked down and there he was in front of me on one knee holding the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. He slipped it on my finger and asked me to marry him!

Where to Propose in Palos Verdes Estates, CA

I finally picked my jaw up off the ground and said YES (many times and through many tears)!!! I also had to confirm that this was real being that it was April Fools’ Day. No prank here, this was a real proposal! The one I had been dreaming about since the day I met him. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect moment. It was just the two of us in our favorite place with a gorgeous sunset and slightly purple teeth from the bottle of red wine we drank.

It was the best night of our lives so far and it was more than I could have ever asked for. Matt was a nervous wreck wanting it all to be perfect and I’ve been reassuring him every day that it was. I also keep thanking him for the extraordinary ring he slipped on my finger. We have already spent 8 amazing years together and I can’t wait to spend a lifetime filled with sunsets, lots of laughter and endless love.

Ashley's Proposal in Palos Verdes Estates, CA