Ashley and Marshall

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Oliver Winery

How We Met

7 months before we actually started dating Marshall and I happened to be in the same place at the same time, after some casual conversation for a few hours we both departed with no intentions or so I thought of ever becoming anything more than just a passing face. A couple days after not knowing that neither of us had forgotten the conversation we shared that night soon came the social media requests, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. Soon after we both found ourselves liking every post we could of one anothers, finding out later we both may have done some checking out on one another as well. Needless to say 7 months later on a July Saturday night he was jamming out at a concert and decided to share with me through Snapchat, little did he know I had been waiting for a night like this, after snap chatting til at least 2 in the morning we ended the conversation as he would get ahold of me on his days off from work, me being me thought I’d never hear from him again, but I was wrong. After a few dates it became official on August 19th that we were in a relationship! Feelings had grown quicker than we both thought, but neither of us were scared, after many countless nights of long conversations, text messages and snapchats about the future, what we both wanted, feelings and emotions for one another, it finally lead up to October 1, 2017!

how they asked

Marshall had spent a month or so secretly planning the perfect proposal! While I was working through the week he was busy running around place to place or searching the internet to find the perfect ring! As he has since told me, he wanted it to be different and something with a lot of thought and meaning behind it, not just some ordinary ring. After secretly talking to my family members, his kids and his family all his secrets were about to be revealed! It was Sunday October 1, 2017 just another ordinary Sunday or so I thought, we were up and to church with the kids and were heading to Oliver Winery that afternoon so Mia could take some pictures! After lunch we headed to the winery, when we arrived we headed down to walk around with the kids for a few minutes before Marshall and I headed in to do some wine tasting! We hadn’t been tasting wine that long when Marshall checked his phone and said the kids wanted us to come back out, so that’s exactly what we did, little did I know what was about to really happen! As we walked down the hill holding hands and talking like normal, we rounded a corner to cross the bridge by the pond standing at the end were some of our family members when I asked why everyone was there Marshall dropped to one knee to ask me for my hand and of course I said yes!

Ashley's Proposal in Oliver Winery

Special Thanks

Mia Stadler
 | Photographer