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How We Met

Our story goes way back, so far back that in fact, it was before Marques and I were born! Marques’ grandparents and my grandparents were neighbors in Southern California. Our families grew up with each other; my dad hung out with his mom and aunts, my uncle was his aunt’s prom date, AND my mom met Marques when he was two years old and she was pregnant with me. I did not cross paths with Marques for 24-ish years, until I attended an event for his family in New York, which is where I was living at the time. I saw this handsome guy waving at my grandparents from across the church and thought he was with the woman sitting by his side. Come to find out, that was one of his five sisters!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Olympix Fitness in Long Beach, CA

We just so happened to be placed at the same table where my uncle and his boyfriend quickly began asking Marques’ mother questions about him and his love life before he joined us. I found out he was single and became a little more interested. That night, I invited Marques and three of his sisters out to NYC. We had a blast but he never asked for my number. I was disappointed but figured long distance would be hard anyways since he lived in California. The following day he “slide into my DM” and asked for my number. I was so excited but tried to play it cool.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Olympix Fitness in Long Beach, CA

Marques was freaking out and asking his sisters how he should ask me for my number, and to be fair, none of them suggested the route he took. We scheduled a date before he headed back to California and met up at the Broiler Maker in NYC, where Marques watched me eat a cheeseburger…no he did not eat…. from that point on, we began talking every day and eventually, planned our first trip together to Puerto Rico. We officially began dating in August of 2015. We’ve had many experiences together, long distance for a year, moving in together, traveling to many new places, all of which led us to the best day of our lives!

how they asked

Everyone that knows me, knows that it is difficult to have get me to dress up. So Marques faced some challenges when thinking of how to propose, however he came up with the best proposal for the both of us that turned out beautifully. On Thursday night, I received a call from one of my mom’s best friends, Eddie saying that our gym wanted to do a photo-shoot for their website. Roman, from Olympix Fitness, called me and explained to me that they would be having a photo shoot with a few members that would be featured on the site. He said to wear casual clothes. Eddie, my mom, and I were in a group chat where I told her that Eddie and I were going to be models for our gym.

Eddie said that Roman told him the first shoot was going to be classy casual and we would then switch into our work out clothes. I kind of thought this was odd, but our gym is really nice and has a beautiful rooftop, so didn’t think it was too weird. My mom told me that I should wear a cute dress and wedges. I totally fought her on wedges because I would much rather wear sandals. About 10 minutes later, Eddie told me Roman informed him that it was cocktail attire for the first shoot and to bring a bag for the second shoot. FINE! I caved in and chose to wear a thicker healed sandal. Marques came home that evening and I told him about the photo shoot and he wasn’t very interested, which again, I thought was odd. When I got home from work that day, I started feeling sick. I text my mom two different outfit choices and she chose the pink dress. I text her saying “I feel weird,” but she ignored that text.

Eddie picked me up from my house at 7:30 and drove me to the gym (which is a 3-minute walk from my house). When we got there, Eddie was missing his gym bag and told me that he had dropped it off earlier – again, strange. He then texted Roman to tell him we had arrived. We were greeted by Roman who told me a little bit about the shoot and said that we were going to head to the rooftop first. As we were walking up, I thought I saw Eddie’s husband on the rooftop. Then Roman, grabbed my gym bag from me…and I knew something was going on. I opened the door to the rooftop, overlooking the ocean, and saw a heart with Gerbera Daisies but no one in in the heart.

Marques, my mom (surprised she was there!), Tom, and my mom’s best friend DID NOT get Eddie’s text. We all laughed and Marques ran over to the heart and told me to go in the center. I don’t remember much but I do remember him saying, “I love you,” “I’m going to cry,” and “I threw up this morning.” He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife and I said Yes!

Note to future fiancés, do not wear a shift dress or your booty will come out when you hug, I learned the hard way : )

The proposal was amazing and was everything I could have every imagined. My mom flew in and got to watch the man of my dreams, propose to her only daughter. What more could you ask for?! Marques and I are so excited for the next chapter in our lives and appreciate all of the support our family and friends have shown throughout our relationship!

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