Ashley and Mark

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Crawford Lake

How We Met

We had initially met on Twitter, in December of 2013. We had a mutual friend we had no idea about at the time, and through a series of completely unexpected events, he sent me a follow request. I accepted, and thought to myself, “he’s kinda cute”, so I followed him back and sent him a quick message. I had no idea sending that message would end up turning into what it did. We hit it off instantly, talking and texting all morning and night. We weren’t even dating at the time and he still called me beautiful, every chance he had. A week passed and that’s when he finally decided to ask me out to dinner. I wasn’t 100% sure at first, because part of me still had my guard down from getting out of a toxic relationship, a few months before. But, he showed me he was dedicated and was going to do anything to make me his girl. He didn’t stop asking me until I finally said yes. Two days later, we finally met in person. He showed up at my house, and he was even more handsome than in his photos. I still remember what he wore, the cutest button up plaid shirt with some khakis. My parents actually were the ones to open the door because I was too busy freaking out in the kitchen because I was so nervous. I hadn’t ever been on a real date before, and I had no idea what to expect.

Ashley and Mark's Engagement in Crawford Lake

After collecting myself, we said goodbye to my parents and walked out the door. He walked me over to the passenger side of his car and opened the door for me. He was such a gentleman. We pulled up to my favourite coffee shop and he bought me a hot chocolate which I didn’t end up drinking because I didn’t want to embarrass myself if I got whip cream all over my face. Afterwards, we walked over to the theatre where we saw not only one, but two movies because he didn’t want the date to end. He took me home at the end of the night and told me how much fun he had, and that he would like to see me again very soon. We never kissed because he wasn’t sure if I was ready and didn’t want to make me uncomfortable, so we settled for a big hug. We ended up seeing each other two days later, which is when we finally shared our first kiss, immediate after he asked me to be his girlfriend. I’ve fallen in love with him more and more each day, ever since.

how they asked

A few weeks ago, our lovely friend and photographer, Alexis, bumped into me at the mall, and brought up an idea to do a shoot over the weekend, due to the fact that it had been quite a while since the last one. She even suggested a beautiful place I’d never heard of before, Crawford Lake. We settled for the Monday at first, because I remembered that Mark mentioned his friend was having a going away BBQ on the Sunday. Several days later, I got the news that Monday would no longer work for the shoot and I immediately asked Mark if Sunday would work, before the BBQ. He explained to me that he would be too tired to pose for photos between taking me to work that morning for a very early 5am shift, and the BBQ that evening. It was a no go. Of course I was upset, I was very excited for this shoot. He told me that “there’s always next week” for photos, and I finally kept quiet about the entire situation.

Friday morning, I got a text from Mark saying that his friend cancelled the BBQ, and that the shoot can indeed be on the Sunday. I was so glad that everything would end up working out in the end. That afternoon, we grabbed brunch after my shift, headed home for me to change, then to pick up Alexis. As we got closer to the lake, it started to sprinkle, and the whole time I was hoping the rain wouldn’t ruin our shoot. We finally arrived at Crawford Lake, and Mark rushed over to the map to figure out how to get to the trail overlooking the lake. We took a few wrong turns, but we eventually made it. Alexis pointed out an opening in the trees, where there was a rock extending out over the edge. We walked over to the rock and did a few poses, when Alexis said the code word, and that’s when Mark told me to take a step back. As soon as I saw him start to kneel, I threw my hands up to my face and began crying.

He told me that I make him the happiest man in the world, I make his days brighter and his nights less lonely. “Will you marry me?” He pulled out a ring box from his sock, opened it up, exposing the most beautiful ring I had ever seen.

Still crying, I said yes. After he put the ring on my finger, he showed me the ring box, which he had engraved our names, the date, along with the message “NOW & FOREVER”. They always tell you to marry your best friend, right?

Special Thanks

Alexis Leslie