Ashley and Marcos

Where to Propose in Garden of the Gods Colorado Prings

How We Met

I knew who Marcos was before he knew who I was. I was friends with all his roommates and brother before I met him. Marcos has an amazing voice, so I would always see him over social media and I always had a secret crush on him. I officially met Marcos when I went up to visited my old college town where he lived. One of my friends was having a party at classic skating (yes rollerblading lol). I came with some friends, and he came with some of his. I saw him there and was super excited, and he actually came up and talked to me in the middle of the skating rink. We started talking and hit it off right away!!

how they asked

I flew in from California to Colorado Christmas Eve to spend Christmas with his parents. We had a great Christmas morning opening presents with his family. Afterwards we went and saw a movie with his whole family, and then they decided they wanted to show me Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. When we got there we got out and walked around for a bit, and then Marcos asked me to go off trail with him. I still had no clue what was going to happen next. We walked to this really pretty overlook, and we stood there for a bit. I then turned around and he was on his knee. Naturally, I screamed super loud and was so excited!! He asked me to marry him, and then his family came out and congratulated us! It was such a great setting and beautiful place and I can’t wait to marry him!!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Garden of the Gods Colorado Prings