Ashley and Levi

how we met

We met in one of Spokane’s FINEST dining establishments, Fast Eddie’s, and by “FINEST”, I mean.. not that fine. It was just one of our local hot spot bars.

how they asked

I am nearly IMPOSSIBLE to surprise.. and he pulled it off!Levi proposed to me on February 15th of 2019 (day after Valentine’s Day) at Twigs Bistro.This was most surprising because I made these dinner plans with a married couple that were HIS friends (sneaky guy) :-) During this time, Levi was so busy spending countless hours on a basement remodel that I was not sure we would even make it. I kept reminding him! When we got to Twigs, we were brought back to a table where the couple was already waiting for us. We sat down and made small talk, before Alicia (Levi’s friends wife) suggested we go outside to take a picture before ordering, since it had just snowed and looked beautiful out. The boys resisted (this making it that much more convincing), but eventually we all left the table to head to the back patio for a picture…We walked out the door to a patio covered in rose petals and candles.. it was beautiful. I was shocked. There stood Zach, Levi’s brother, recording all of this play out.. and Tiffani, one of my good friends and photographer. BUT WAIT, it doesn’t end there. Unfortunately, my son could not be there that night. So not only did he have a video of him asking Rylan’s permission to marry me, but our families were inside waiting to celebrate over dinner and drinks all together! I’ll let the video speak for itself.

Our Video

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