Ashley and Kyle

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How We Met

We first met at my first high school football game. Kyle went to another high school, which was nearby but decided to go to the game at my school that night to support his friend (who I kinda had a thing for). We remained friends ever since that day we met, texting and video calling constantly. My friend was Kyle’s next door neighbor so we would run into each other often. Kyle was always there for me when life was tough but I for sure friend-zoned him. On August 24, 2012, Kyle, texted me that he was going to the Indianapolis Indians game. I decided to go as well with family and friends. We met up at the game and sat together in right field. During the seventh inning stretch, Kyle asked me to be his girlfriend and OF COURSE, I said YES! We shared our first kiss during the firework show after the game. I swear this is the best kiss I’ve ever had and this was the moment I knew Kyle was the one. I circled every 24th of every month to commemorate our month-anniversaries on my 3-year calendar because I was so sure he was the one.

Cute, right? Well not really… because Kyle dumped me four days later. We went their separate ways for the next year. I had been in another relationship and Kyle realized he had made a HUGE mistake. The day I broke it off with the other guy, Kyle texted me asking to hang out. Okay… if a guy dumps you after four days, do you trust him? Clearly, I initially refused but realized I did want to see him again. We went to Chipotle together, went ice skating, and shared a second kiss. I think we both realized the sparks were still there and decided to start dating two days later. What day was it? November 24, 2013. Yup. Another 24th so my circled 24th’s on every month still worked. We continued to date for over four years, going to four proms, hundreds of dates, many life events, and college together at Indiana University. I think our story shares a lot about trusting your heart. The first kiss Kyle and I had I knew he was the one. It was a kiss that would’ve knocked me off my feet had I been standing. Obviously, I was devastated that we went our separate ways for a year but I think everything happens for a reason. Kyle needed that time and the best thing I could do for him then was to love and respect him by giving him the time he needed. Now, after 4 amazing years of dating, I get to spend forever with him. I love you, Kyle.

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how they asked

FINALLY on March 31, 2018, Kyle asked the long-awaited question, “Ashley Marie Olovich, will you marry me?” I of course said yes with my parents and sister watching nearby. He proposed at one of our favorite spots in the world, a pier in Fishers, IN where we’ve shared many dates. My dad had told her that there was a surprise for my mom and I so we needed to be blindfolded. My sister, Grace, was the one who walked me down to Kyle. I took off the blindfold and saw a red ring box sticking out of Kyle’s front pocket. So I was like, “omg this is happening.” Kyle grabbed my hands and told me about how much he loved me and that he couldn’t imagine going through life’s big events without me in the story.

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It was a very beautiful moment. At the end of the pier, surrounded by blue water, Kyle got on one knee and asked me to marry him. We celebrated by going to Target of all places to get a ring shirt I’d been hinting at. Then we got to really celebrate with dinner and wine. We are so excited to become husband and wife. My high school sweetheart became my dream come true and my happily ever after.

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