Ashley and Kyle

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How We Met

Kyle and I met five years ago during the first week of college and I instantly knew he was someone I was going to spend the rest of my life with. He said the exact same thing within a week of us dating, it was the kind of love you just KNEW was right. Fast forward four years and we graduated from college together and moved apart. He moved to Oklahoma City for an incredible job opportunity and I moved to Phoenix to work as a news editor. We decided to put our careers first, and figured if we could make it work through the distance, we could make it work for anything else.

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how they asked

We’d been doing distance for almost 9 months when his mom suggested we all take “family photos” on the boat in Lake Havasu, Arizona. We all spent weeks planning what colors we were going to wear, how we were going to do our hair and makeup. I remember it being such a huge headache because his mom and sister kept changing the colors every week! (It was all a plan to keep me from thinking too far into it) I never clued in that Kyle staged the whole thing and he was going to propose! We took our family photos in Copper Canyon and then started heading back to the London Bridge for dinner.

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The photographer asked if she could take more pictures of us so I said sure. She put us at the front of the boat and had Kyle kiss my forehead. I could feel his heart beating so fast! I just figured the photographer was making him nervous since we’ve never taken professional pictures together before. She had us do different pose and then I heard our song came on. It happened so fast, and all of a sudden he was on one knee telling me how much he loved me and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

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I know there was screaming and sirens in the background from the police boars, but all I heard was him. Then he had me turn around and there was huge sign hanging from the London Bridge and all of our family and friends were there, including my best friend from Sacramento!

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I was so surprised and shocked. A few days later when he went back to work in Oklahoma, his boss called him and told him he would be moving to Phoenix! It was just one blessing and surprise after another, and now I just can’t wait until we’re in the same time zone so we can start planning our big day!

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