Ashley and Kevin

How We Met: Kevin and I met through a mutual friend.We were at a welcome party for our kickball team. The theme of the evening was “Naughty t-shirts” since this wasn’t really my style I decided it would be more fun to make my own t-shirt.

On a plain white t-shirt I drew a knot… It was my version of a “Knotty-T”. Kevin walked up to me introduced himself and said “Knotty-T… good one… Nerd” and walked away. Throughout the season he started to realize that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

The rest is history! Little does he know that I still have that “Knotty T” and I plan on it making its second debut when we tie the knot; April 23rd, 2016!

how they asked: Kevin arranged for my parents to come in from out of town for the weekend. He coordinated with his parents and grandparents so everyone could share in our special day. All morning I was definitely feeling sassy and didn’t want to do anything he wanted to do. When I finally agreed Kevin took me to lunch but he was acting a little funny. When we returned home from lunch Kevin took me straight out on to the balcony to avoid running into our families that were secretly hiding in the kitchen awaiting for our special moment to unfold.

Little did I know while we were at lunch our parents were at his beach condo preparing for our proposal.

Where to Propose in Jacksonville Beach, Florida

They were busy writing “Marry Me?” in 10ft letters in the sand on the beach below his condo so that it was visible from the balcony. At first I didn’t realize that the message was for me, however when he got down on one knee it all started to come together!


Of course I said Yes! It was so special to have our families come together to make this special moment happen!