Ashley and Kevin

How We Met

Kevin and I met on Instagram through a mutual friend. My friend, that I had known since middle school, posted a picture with him at college. I started following him on Instagram when I saw how cute he was. Several months later he finally accepted my friend request. Later that same day Kevin DMed me. I was actually talking to another guy at the time but after only about two day of texting and FaceTiming with Kevin, I knew he was “the one”. I live in Houston and Kevin lives in San Antonio so we weren’t sure how the distance was going to work but we knew we had to do whatever it took. A year later we are engaged and planning our wedding.

how they asked

Kevin and I were celebrating our one year anniversary with a romantic picnic at the Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park. As we got to the park Kevin became quiet which was strange. We had our lunch and just talked for a bit. We had brought our one year gift to the park to exatange. I gave him my gifts but before he let me open mine, Kevin suggested that we go take a picture by the Waterwall. He told me he needed to use the restroom and he would meet me up there. I walked up there and waited for him. He took my phone and handed it to someone to take a picture for us. We took our picture and as I started walking away Kevin grabbed my hands. He smiled at me as he used my full name, Ashley Olivia Stewar. At that moment my body went numbe and my eyes filled with tears. I knew he was finally going to ask the question I had been waiting for. He got down one knee and asked “Will you marry me?” With no hesitation I said “Yes!!”

Image 1 of Ashley and Kevin