Ashley and Karim

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How We Met

I met Karim through my brother back in 2012, they were really great friends and I would see Karim around all the time. I wasn’t too interested in Karim in the beginning because all he would talk about with my brother was working out, girls, bar hopping and going to the club! (I thought he was a bad boy!) Memorial Day weekend, my parents had a cook out and he came over, we had a really great conversation and his big brown eyes just mesmerized me! (His smile was too die for also) He was so polite, and always very friendly and got along with everyone….it didn’t go anywhere from there but when he left my parents house, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Later that month, I was at home on Facebook and I messaged him! We messaged each other for about an hour before I fell asleep, (we literally made jokes the entire time!)

I could not stop laughing my cheeks were burning! I knew then I never wanted to stop talking to him…we texted for a few days (behind my brothers back) before he invited me out to a mutual friends birthday dinner. (Who was also my brothers friend!) We went together and had to act like we weren’t there together! It was SO hilarious and later told my brother…who was completely cool with us! Crazy thing is after our first date, he took me home to meet his parents…I was in complete shock, but he said he knew he was serious about me. (swooning) Even crazier, his mom and dad met the EXACT same way!

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how they asked

Karim and I really enjoy traveling, and we recently started a new tradition of taking pictures as memories at really cool places wherever we are visiting with local photographers. For Karim’s parents 30th Anniversary, they invited us to join them in Oahu for a family vacay, my parents later joined us as well and my aunt…we made it a huge family trip. I instantly starting looking for a photographer…I found Rianon, our photographer through social media, and she was super friendly and sweet (as all the people from hawaii are) we picked a date and I was super excited since she picked a place that was even featured on 50 First Dates and that just looked super cool in photos! The day of, we went on a super hard hike and we were so full of mud, and I was so exhausted!

I really wanted to cancel or postpone our pictures but Karim was adamant that we should take the pictures because Hawaii was a “once in a lifetime” type of vacation. We get to the Halona Blowhole….the drive was something out of a dream. SO BEAUTIFUL! We started taking pictures for about 2-25 minutes then we moved to the water (Karim had secretly messaged Rianon that was going to propose) and she was able to get the PERFECT shot! Karim got down on one knee and I don’t even remember what he said, I just remember crying and wondering when I was going to wake up from this dream!

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