Ashley and Justin

Saying yes to forever

How We Met

A mutual friend of ours, Niko, and I were out to lunch when Niko dropped his phone in his drink.  Niko was supposed to meet up with Justin (my fiancé)  later that night to go to a basketball game but now he had no way of getting in touch with him since his phone didn’t work.  Niko asked if we could swing by Justin’s house to get his number to put in my phone.  We went to Justin’s house and we switched numbers so Niko and Justin could then communicate through me.  Justin and I only talked for about 10 minutes but we hit it off.  Niko put Justin in my phone by his fraternity nickname “Jojo” and weeks later “Jojo” asked me out on a date since he now had my number in his phone. I forgot his real name was Justin and called him Joe on our date but clearly he didn’t care because four and a half years later we are now engaged!!

how they asked

I was born in Hawaii and lived there for a couple years.  My Dad passed away a few years ago and my Mom and I scattered his ashes off the coast of a few beaches on Oahu.  My Dad was a pilot and when I was little we would always fly around and he would point out rainbows.  Justin and I always talked about visiting Hawaii together so he could see where I was from as well as where my Dad was from since he never got to meet him.  On a beautiful clear day before sunset Justin and I were walking on a beach on Oahu and out above the ocean a rainbow appeared.

Justin pointed it out, got down on his knee and proposed right there. It was like my Dad was there with us.  It was perfect!

The perfect proposal on the beach, I was at a loss for words.

Our photographer brought over a bottle of champagne for us to celebrate with.

Right when Justin pointed out Marella (our photographer) was hiding out to capture his proposal.

He was so excited to tell me how he picked out and helped design the ring himself. The Ring!


Special Thanks

Turtle Bay
Location of proposal