Ashley and Justin

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How We Met

We met through mutual friends when we were 15 years old. We were always friends but we did not date seriously until senior year, which has lasted until now! Justin went to Indiana Wesleyan for awhile and then moved back to Ohio to be closer to family. He then began to attend Ohio State University where I was already attending.

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This allowed us to continue to build our relationship. We are both recent graduates from The Ohio State University. Although we went to two different universities in different states for awhile, we made our way back to each other.We have had the chance to experience so many wonderful things together in life that not many people get the chance to experience with their feature spouse. We have seen each other graduate High School and College, we have been through deaths, births, and many weddings of friends and loved ones which has been amazing. Not many people can say they have shared almost every important life event with the love of their life!

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how they asked

We were together almost five years before Justin popped the question, and if you ask me that was five years to long! I would have married him the day we graduated high school; however Justin, being the more practical one, knew it was in our best interest to wait. We have become so much stronger as the years have gone on Justin asked me to marry him on May 25th of this year, which was actually my birthday!

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We had planned on going hiking at Hocking Hills State Park for my birthday, which Justin let me think was my idea. When we got there, Justin said that he wanted to start by this waterfall. We hiked to the waterfall, which took about five minutes, and then Justin said that we had to go on. He would later tell me that this was because there was way to many people around the waterfall to ask there. We continued on the path for about another five minutes when he pulled me off the beaten path onto a cliff that overlooked the waterfall that we had just passed. He told me he was extremely thirsty so he dug around in the book bag for what she thought was water.

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Little did I know he was looking for the ring box. Right there on the side of the cliff, Justin explained that God had always brought our paths back together and that he promised to always love and fight for me if I would marry him. Of course I said yes! After the actual proposal we continued to hike for another two hours or so. It was extremely special because we were completely out of cell phone range. This meant that for those two hours, our engagement was our own little secret. He was able to tell me all the details and plans he had been working on for about a month with my sister, and I was able to ask all the questions about what he already had planned for our future.

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Once we left Hocking Hills, we went home and got dressed up so that I could attend a surprise engagement party that he had planned with all our family and friends. He knew how important those close to us were in our relationship and he knew I would want to spend this day with them.

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I have never felt so loved or appreciated by someone than I did that day. Justin and I have been able to experience so many huge moments in life together and I cannot wait to continue making memories together! He has been my best friend and rock through it all and I am so excited to marry this man !

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