Ashley and Julian

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I woke up on NYE 2015 to a beautiful bouquet of two dozen red roses and a note. The note told me that I had a nail appointment at 9am with the location of the salon. When I arrived, they told me that my color has already been picked out and that the bill had already been taken care of. Once my nails were finished I receive another note that said my friend Rachel would be picking me up at noon, so be ready! Once Rachel picked me up, we headed to this cute little Italian restaurant for lunch, where there was a bottle of champagne waiting for us on a beautifully decorated table. When we were finished, we receive the bill and I got another note. The note said that we were headed to the Pier 2620 Hotel in San Francisco. Rachel and I arrived at the hotel and when I walked in the door, the people behind the desk said, “You must be Ashley. We have been waiting for you.” They hand me my room key and another note. The note said that I needed to leave the hotel no later than 4:30pm. I go up to my room, which was a gorgeous two-roomed suite and I finish getting ready. Rachel and I leave at 4:30pm, and once we get in her car she blindfolds me. We drove for about 20 minutes, when she told me to remove my blindfold. I realized that I was at Crissy Field on what could have been one of the most beautiful nights in the city. Rachel and I walked for about 5 minutes, and that’s when I saw Julian.

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He grabbed my hands, gave me a really romantic speech, and then he proposed at sunset under the Golden Gate Bridge. It was more than I ever expected and I said YES, of course!

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