Ashley and Jovan

I’ve known Jovan and his family since I was a little girl. Never thought of dating the son of my mother’s best friend.

Of course that time, we didn’t think of being in a relationship with each other, I just loved being around them. Weekends was always the highlight as we would go to their house, having fun, play and even swim. So here’s my love story of the two of us.

I fell madly in love with Jovan Rivaldo Carolus. The two of us got together one random Saturday night in Robertson, February 2011 to be exact and I dare to mention that  we had a connection in front of a night club, Cosy Cove.

We kissed on the unplanned first date.

Months went by and the two of us were at the same party in April, my cousins 21st birthday celebration and as always, I acted as if nothing ever happened between us.

The evening started out great, he looked at me, I looked at him, and before I knew it, I was sitting at his table where he invited me to go to Stables (a night club) with him, where the after party of my cousins 21st would take place.

I only had eyes for him and he only had eyes for me. Being with him was amazing. We went strong for another few months and sadly to say we took an unintended break during June that year.

He weren’t ready to get serious. I on the other hand, was ready for a relationship.

We had the same circle of friends, what made it awkward was the fact that Rowen Carolus was a very close friend of both of us, he understood what I was going through during that “break” and supported me through it, we became close, we were best friends.

So whenever there was a party going on and I knew myself and Jovan would be there I would be the one to say:  ”No Thanks, I don’t want things to be uncomfortable.”

In September that year, it was Rowen’s sister’s birthday, and I couldn’t get out of that one as my friend from Swellendam came to visit that same weekend. Jovan was at the party as well. We had no choice but to start talking to each other. I’m the type of person who makes sure there is no connection between me and the person who I was involved with after things ended. I know when to pursue a situation and when not too.

I invited him on Facebook again, tagged him in the loads of photos we took together and the ship start sailing from that day. We would spend every weekend together, not like there was something going on between us but because we were friends.

October 2011 he kissed me at the Halloween party in Stables that night, it felt like the first time being with him.

We went on seeing each other until February 2012 and things got serious. In June that year he made it official as us being a couple.

I love Jovan with all my heart. One day we will be married and be able to share this story with others.

My quote on the love story: Just because something ended doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you, two people really need to want to be together in order to make something like this work. God knows exactly why he allows certain things and people in others lives and why not, as the one person who I erased from my life is the same person I’m planning my future with.

how they asked:

I’m working in the wine industry for about 7 years now. So I’m the wine connoisseur in our relationship.

On 03 August 2015 it was my 27th birthday. I was in Gauteng during 31 July to 03 August. I landed in Cape Town 11h15 but due to meetings in Cape Town I only arrived in Robertson, my hometown at 17h00. Jovan came to my house at 17h30 as it was my birthday celebration the same evening and we were going to have dinner with my friends at Bourbon Street Restaurant in town.

When Jovan came into my parent’s house, empty handed I might add, I asked him where is my birthday gift as I’m a very outspoken person.  He told me he didn’t get me anything. As you can imagine the disappointment on my face when the love of my life, whom I’m together with 4 years, tells me he didn’t get me anything. He said he’ll be back in a bit as he went to the car and festch something. He came back into the house with a wine bottle shaped bag. Again, I thought to myself, are you serious, and I told him, why are you bring me wine when you know I get a wine allowance from work of buy them myself.

He handed me a bottle of red wine with the back label facing me, I read the label, when I turned the bottle around in order to see the front label, the words: “Will you marry me?” was written on the label.

Tears filled my eyes as Jovan went down on his knees asking me to be his wife. As I’m a very old fashioned girl, I asked him if he has asked my parents for their blessing, and sadly he said no as he knew I weren’t going to believe him unless I witnessed it myself. When my parents came from work that evening, he asked their permission, they gave their blessing and he asked again. By this time a photographer also arrived to capture this amazing memory.

That evening when we went to the restaurant for my birthday celebration, we also shared the news with our friends.

I normally make gifts for my friends for attending my birthday celebration, that evening I had macaroons and made name tags that was also suited for table seating. I took a picture of myself and Jovan’s macaroon with our names on it, holding in it in my engagement hand, that’s how I told the rest of our friends we were engaged, by simply sending the picture.