Ashley and Joshua

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How We Met

I went to church one day in the fall of 2013 and saw this unbelievably attractive man. I had never seen him before and did not know his name, but he was with this other guy I know. I went up to speak with Kevin, but Josh didn’t see me. I left that day thinking about him, but nothing had happened. A couple hours later, Kevin posted a photo on Instagram and tagged Josh in the photo. I was so surprised that that was him! I decided to follow Josh, and to my surprise, Josh followed me back. About 6 months later, I ran into Josh again at church and this time he came up to me and said, “I think I know you.” Weirdly enough, I started to see him everywhere! I would run into him at coffee shops and see him driving around town. We started to talk and hang out more and more.

how they asked

Josh and I had been dating for 6 months. He asked me to meet him at Life.Church in Edmond, which is where we met in person. A group of our close friend’s were there in the parking lot. Josh said we were going to hangout and play music. One of the guys started playing a song. The all of a sudden my best friend came around the corner and I knew! I turned around and Josh was down on one knee with a ring! He asked me to marry him and when I turned around our friends had circled around us and each one had a rose for me.

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