Ashley and Josh's Proposal at Bridge State University Graduation

How We Met: Josh and I met when we were 17 years old at a summer camp. While we didn’t meet until on the last full day, we hit it off right away. We exchanged numbers and talked just about everyday for 8 months before actually dating. At the time, we were living 4 hours apart (he was living in NY and me in PA), but we made long distance work for 3 years. And while the saying “distance makes the heart grow fonder” is true, I didn’t want to be away from Josh anymore. So, I decided I was going to spend my last two years at college with him in MA where he now lives. It was at this college, Bridgewater State University, that my life changed forever.

how they asked: It was May 16, 2015, my college graduation day. Ever since I was little I dreamt of walking across stage and receiving my degree. Now at 23, my years of hard work paid off, and I was about to receive my 4.0 degree. But unknown to me, I was about to receive something a bit more sparkly on stage. Josh knew how special graduation was to me, so he contacted Bridgewater State University’s President, and together organized a plan to “award” me for my academic achievement during the graduation ceremony.

Once I was on stage, Josh quietly snuck up to surprise me. While I was super nervous to be up there, my emotions switched to pure joy when I turned around to see Josh ready to pop the question in front of 10,000 people! And of course I said yes! That day was the happiest day of my life.

Image 1 of Ashley and Josh's Proposal at Bridge State University Graduation

Not only did I get my degree, 4.0, and stunning ring, but I also got the title of Josh’s fiancé!

Photo by: Jaclyn Tillinghast