Ashley and Joseph

How We Met

Joseph and I actually met in the fourth grade. It wasn’t until our junior year of high school when we started dating. After high school, Joseph and I both attended Austin Peay State University where we both study elementary education we both now currently work at the same school together. I’m so excited to be marrying my high school sweetheart.

how they asked

On December 15, the school had a Christmas performance. After all student body and staff gathered in the gym, the principal announced that there will be a surprise drawing for teachers that have perfect attendance. Once the performance was over, our principal did the perfect attendance drawing. Little did I know she was going to call out my name. After I have walked onto the stage in front of the entire student body and staff, I turned around and Joseph was on one knee. I’ll look into the crowd and I noticed big signs that were being held up by the students, that said Will You Marry Our Teacher? I can say I received the prize of a lifetime.

Image 1 of Ashley and Joseph