Ashley and Joseph

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In 2014 I went to a drop in psychic with my aunts and family in nyc. The woman told me in front of my family that I would be married in two years to a man in uniform. I looked at her and told her she was crazy….My fiancé and I met when he added me on this day he swears that I added him. Low and behold he has a fraternal twin brother, and an older brother whom I both went to high school with, but never knew he existed. He asked me out on a date after a few days of talking and at first I turned him down. I’m a nurse and he is an EMT, a lethal combination. I was terrified but agreed to meet him for sushi, halfway between our houses (which are five miles apart). I knew from the moment that he got out of the car that he was the one. The night before Easter after hibachi and mass we came back to my parents house for coffee and desert. All of our close friends were there and I was instructed to open my Easter basket. Each egg had a cartoon about how much he loved me. My final egg was a golden one complete with my ring and a will you marry me token. We are now engaged and our wedding is next July..and I will never look back. I love him to infinity and then some. He’s my man in uniform, my life saver.

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