Ashley and Joseph

How We Met

Joseph and I met in May of 2008 one week before my 16th birthday. My best friend and I were walking along the town’s Main Street when Joseph came outside of a Cuban restaurant to say hello. It turned out my best friend dated Joseph’s older brother. He invited us inside to have lunch. My first words to Joseph were, “I have a new puppy would you like to see her?” We spent the afternoon together gushing over the photos of my miniature cockapoo. When I went home my friend said Joseph asked about me and the next thing I knew him and I were in touch and planning to meet up. In the mean time my birthday was right around the corner and Joseph sent a bouquet of pink roses to my house along with the message that he would marry me one day. I thought he was crazy, but little did I know he would turn out to be right.

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In May of 2008 I met Joseph one week before my 16th birthday. He had just moved to New Jersey from Florida after a rough childhood and passing of his father. After meeting just once he sent pink roses to my house and told me he’d marry me. I thought he was crazy, but he told me his grandparents who fell in love in grade school told him, “You know when you know.” Over the years we tried to date, but timing was always off. I went away to college. Then he went away to college, but one thing that remained constant was our friendship. If I called he would answer no matter what, and at the drop of a dime we would somehow always end up outside of his house talking, crying, and listening to old R&B love songs. As our friendship grew Joseph opened up to me about his time in Florida, his childhood, and the loss of both of his parents. For ten years we would go on to reminisce about our high school days and plan a dream trip to Florida. For ten years he promised me he’d take me to his favorite place, his happy place, the only place he had good memories of both his parents. For ten years he would tell me time and time again, “You’re going to end up with me. We’re going to get married.” My response was always the same, “How are you so sure?” And Joseph’s response was always the same, “I just know.” Joseph waited for me while I went about my life. He actually waited for me while I went on to college and later law school. While I went about pursuing my dreams, Joseph saved up for my ring, and our first home, and most shockingly stayed single. I would always suggest he get a girlfriend, and he would respond time and time again, “If I don’t feel the connection that I feel with you, why would I date anyone else?” After graduating law school I found myself back on Joseph’s front stairs, but for the first time in ten years timing was on our side. It was then my best friend became my boyfriend. After years of anticipation, on May 26, 2018, we finally went to Florida together. For seven days he showed me his hometown, shared stories, and introduced me to some of the most important people in his life, including his sister, nephews, and childhood best friend.

On the very last day of our trip, June 2, 2018, Joseph took me to his favorite place, his happy place, the only place he had good memories of both of his parents: The Seven Mile Bridge. As we walked along the bridge he told me how special that place was to him and how he’d fish right in this very spot with his father.

It was then that he turned to me, voice quivering, hands shaking, and tears in his eyes and said “You know we talked about coming here for so long, and I love you so much.” He then got down on one knee and, with my father’s permission, asked me to marry him. Waiting for me at the end of the bridge was a bouquet of pink roses, the very same shade of pink as the roses he sent to me ten years prior. We drove home listening to our favorite old R&B love songs. Joseph made me a promise and despite the twists and turns of our lives he kept his promise. Those who know him, know he is not a man of many words, but if you ask him about the last ten years he will say this and this only, “I won.”

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