Ashley and Jordan

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How We Met

Jordan and I met 8 years ago at McDonald’s where we both worked. At first he was not into me at all. I connected with one of his best friends at the time who worked with us and told him I was interested in Jordan. From that moment we ended up chatting and hanging out together. We grew up together…going through high school, college and university together. He used to make raps and send them to me over text ( I kept my old flip phone to save these). He has a great sense of humor and lights up the room. I was forever grateful for meeting such an amazing man.

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how they asked

It all started when we wanted to get away for a weekend. We decided to travel to Ottawa as we have never been there. The road trip there took us hours as we got stuck in construction. We made the best of time singing with the windows down driving down the highway. We spend the first night walking around the town and sigh seeing. My favorite part was walking down the Rideau canal we kept going back to this spot. Saturday arrived and we were going to see the light show along with fireworks that day. We went back to the Rideau canal and he was all nervous. He wanted us to stay at that stop and not move… I knew something was up I could tell by his body language. He then asked me if I was having a fun time and he knew what would make it even better. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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I yelled “of course yes!!!!”. I was so happy and could not stop staring at the ring or him with a huge smile on my face. He picked the best moment to propose. Little did I know he was hiding the ring at home for 6 months. He said he was waiting for that perfect moment to ask me. The ring was at home hidden I had no idea!!! I am still in shock this even happened. He makes me feel giddy all the time… I just cannot stop smiling or laughing. It only took him 8 years….of course I would say YES! Next March we will be getting married!

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