Ashley and Jonathan

How We Met

How I met Jonathan was unexpected. I was out on the town in Annapolis with a friend of mine celebrating a new start in my life. I had gone through some tough times the last 6 months and decided that I needed to make something of my life. The night out on the town was a way for me to begin this journey on a happy note. I unfortunately lost my voice the day before so I could only whisper. My friend and I were talking figuring out what we were going to do when I got a text from an acquaintance. She was asking if I was in Annapolis because she is on a date with this guy. She wanted me to come keep his wingman company. Since it was just my friend and I we thought meeting up with them would make the night more interesting so we met up with them. We meet up with them at a place called Dock Street. When we got there the acquaintance, her date (Kyle), and his wingman (Jonathan) were waiting for us outside. We went towards the back of the bar where there was more space. Kyle and the acquaintance started dancing and talking while Jonathan, my friend, and I started talking. Jonathan was somehow different than most of the men I have met in the past. He had an energy about him that I couldn’t quite figure out. He did one thing that night that made me melt. He took my hand and asked me if I knew the what wearing a ring on certain fingers meant. I, of course couldn’t talk much so I nodded no. He began to explain what the ring on the ring finger on my left hand meant and the ring on my right middle finger meant. I don’t remember what they mean, yet I remember how sweet it was. From them on it was a rollercoaster ride of learning and growing for us. We spent 4 years becoming closer with ourselves and each other. We both learned what we wanted in a partner.


how they asked

It was my last semester in College and I have never been on a Spring Break trip. We decided to go on a backpacking trip to Costa Rica. We had always wanted to see the rainforest. Costa Rica is a perfect place for a cheap adventurous vacation. We had been in Monteverde, Costa Rica for about 3 days. We went on a coffee, sugar cane, and chocolate tour. We tried different local restaurants and explored the town of Santa Elena and Monteverde. Tuesday, March 15 was our last night in Monteverde before heading off to Arenal Volcano so we decided to do something adventurous. We went to the 3:00pm ziplining tour at 100% Adventura. The ziplining experience was full of adrenaline. One of the ziplines was over 5,000 feet in the air and over a mile long. It was full of amazing views over the rainforest. The last course we did was a mega swing. It scared both of us because of the drop before we started swinging. It was such a great experience. We started heading down the mountain around sunset. It was a curvy and bumpy road. We got around one curve and Jon stopped and said that looked beautiful let’s go. It was a lookout point on the side of the mountain facing the sunset. Jon backed the car up and pulled into the lookout point. I hopped out and started taking pictures of the beautiful sunset. It was so gorgeous. I took pictures and realized Jon had not come over yet. I look back and see him heading toward some people on horses. He asked them if they could take a picture for us. He handed the lady the gopro. He headed over towards me fiddling with something in his hand. He was so nervous. When he got to me I saw he had a little white pouch. He had been carrying it with him the whole trip and I didn’t know why. The lady yelled to ask Jon if it was on. He said it’s ready to go just point the camera. He finally got the ring out of the pouch, got on one knee, and asked if “will you marry me?” I was so shocked and taken back. I had him put the ring on and said “yes”. Everyone was so happy and congratulated us. I was still full of adrenaline from the ziplining, I didn’t think I could walk. It was everything I could have imagined.


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